TDoR 2024 / 2023 / December / 25 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age about 25

25 Dec 2023
Tlaquepaque, Jalisco (Mexico)

Name Unknown

The victim was stabbed by her older brother after she attacked their parents during a psychotic episode. Her identity was not reported.

In the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood, in Tlaquepaque , Jalisco, an unfortunate event occurred that shocked the community. An intense domestic dispute ended in a tragic death, when a young man defended the parents of his trans sister, who attacked them with a knife. The situation was captured on video and spread on social networks.

It all started last Monday at the family residence, when a trans woman, approximately 25 years old and diagnosed with schizophrenia, arrived home without having taken her medication. This may have influenced her violent behavior. During a heated argument, the woman took a knife about 20 centimeters long and tried to attack her parents, both over 60 years old.

It was at that moment that his older brother immediately intervened, trying to protect his parents and prevent a tragedy. In the struggle to disarm her sister, the young man ended up seriously wounding her in the neck with the knife, causing her death at the scene. However, he was also injured in the chest during the incident.

The brother, still injured, was placed at the disposal of the State Prosecutor's Office, where an investigation is being carried out to clarify the exact details of how the events occurred. It is expected that the authorities will be able to determine if the young man's actions were in self-defense and protection of his parents.

This unfortunate event highlights the complexity of mental health problems and the importance of providing adequate care and treatment to those who suffer from them. Furthermore, it highlights the tragic reality that crisis situations can escalate quickly and have fatal consequences.

The community of Tlaquepaque is shocked by this family tragedy and hopes that it can provide support and understanding to all those involved in this difficult time.

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