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Laila Ketellen

Age 23

3 Jan 2024
Fortaleza, Ceará (Brazil)

Laila Ketellen
Laila Ketellen [photo:]

Laila lived on the street. She was beaten to death by her ex-partner, who was also homeless.

A 25-year-old man was arrested this Friday (5), in the Carlito Pamplona neighborhood, in Fortaleza, on suspicion of murdering his ex-partner, a [trans woman named] Laila Ketellen, 23, during an argument.

The victim was found dead last Wednesday (3), in the Jacarecanga neighborhood, with marks of violence and punctures with pieces of glass. The night before the crime, a witness filmed Laila trying to protect herself from the man's attacks.

As the investigations progressed, the Civil Police elucidated the case and identified the victim's ex-partner, Marcos Brandow Ribeiro, as the perpetrator of the crime. He has a criminal record for homicide, drug trafficking, theft and damage.

The man was taken to the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP) of the Civil Police, where he was charged with feminicide. The 4th DHPP police station is investigating whether the suspect was involved in other criminal actions in the region.

Report added: 11 Jan 2024. Last updated: 3 Feb 2024

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