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Katiuska Cedeño

8 Jan 2024
Puebloviejo, Los Rios (Ecuador)

Katiuska Cedeño
Katiuska Cedeño [photo:]

Katiuska was shot by hitmen while she was at the doorway of her home.

Hitmen took advantage of the fact that Katiuska Cedeño, trans queen of Puebloviejo, was in the doorway of her home to murder her.

After receiving several bullets in the head, Katiuska's body fell to the ground in agony.

The violent death was recorded this Monday afternoon in the Puerto Pechiche parish, in the Puebloviejo canton.

Witnesses to the crime indicated that the murderers arrived on a motorcycle and attacked the humanity of the trans queen with several shots.

Amid screams, crying and anguish, the victim's relatives tried to revive her, however, their efforts were in vain. The shots to her head ended the life of Katiuska, who in addition to being known for participating in beauty pageants, was popular for being a stylist.

Report added: 11 Jan 2024. Last updated: 3 Feb 2024

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