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Antonina Babkina

Age 25

11 Jan 2024
Drachten, Friesland (Netherlands)

Antonina Babkina
Antonina Babkina [photo:]

Antonia died by suicide in Drachten asylum centre. She had sought refuge in the Netherlands after the invasion of Ukraine, but did not receive the support she needed to flourish.

Antonina Babkina [died by] suicide on January 11. She was known on social media for sharing reflections on her life. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she sought refuge in the Netherlands. At the time of her death, she had already received a residence permit and was living in a government-provided apartment.

“Antonina was diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia. I asked the COA and doctors to consider her perspective,” says Sandro Kortekaas. “One problem overrode the other, and as a result she became a source of problems for them.”

Babkina was transferred to the Enforcement and Supervision Center (HTL) for refugees exhibiting serious anti-social behavior. The HTL is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, with guards and strict rules of coexistence compared to regular camps. Individuals at the center undergo a special behavioral correction program. According to Kortekaas, people with diagnoses like Antonina's shouldn't go to HTL because it could only make their mental health problems worse.

Report added: 5 Apr 2024

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