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Miriam Nohemí Ríos Ríos

11 Jan 2024
Zamora, Michoacán (Mexico)

Miriam Nohemí Ríos Ríos
Miriam Nohemí Ríos Ríos [photo:]

Miriam was shot by hitmen. She was a commissioner within the Movimiento Ciudadano party, and her murder shocked the local community.

Miriam Nohemí Ríos Ríos, trans commissioner of ovimiento Ciudadano [the Citizen Movement party] in the municipality of Jacona, was the victim of a deadly shooting attack this Thursday afternoon in the municipality of Zamora.

Miriam Ríos, a trans woman who played the important role of municipal commissioner of the Movimiento Ciudadano [Citizen Movement] in Jacona, had been appointed to this responsibility by the State Operational Commission of the orange party two years ago. Her murder has shocked the local political community and raised alarm bells about the security of party leaders in the region.

The cruel event took place while Ríos was at her cap stand, located on Avenida Juárez in the Libertad neighborhood, when the alleged hitmen arrived at the scene and opened fire on her in an indiscriminate manner.

The political leader died instantly, and her body was later transferred to the Forensic Medical Service in the city of Zamora.

Faced with this tragic episode, Movimiento Ciudadano in Michoacán issued a strong condemnation of the homicide and demanded that the authorities take immediate action to identify and capture those responsible for this criminal act.

The members of the party's State Operational Commission did not rule out the possibility that the murder of their leader in Jacona is linked to the victim's political activity, however, they stressed the importance of exploring any other line of investigation that could shed light on this tragic event.

The loss of Miriam Ríos not only leaves a void in the political structure of Movimiento Ciudadano in Michoacán , but also raises urgent questions about the safety of political leaders in the region and the need to strengthen protection measures for those who dedicate themselves bravely into political life, regardless of their gender identity.

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