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Devaly Vilchis Larios ("La Pepona")

15 Feb 2024
Ciudad de México, CDMX (Mexico)

Devaly Vilchis Larios ("La Pepona")
Devaly Vilchis Larios ("La Pepona") [photo:]

Devaly was shot in an attack on a bar. Three other women were also injured, one of them dying as a result.

A suspect was arrested.

Sergio Israel “P” alias El Cacho, could face multiple charges for a rampant act of violence against several young people, whose attack ended the lives of two women, one of them Trans, as well as causing injuries to a couple more people.

Intelligence agents from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) captured the suspect after several days of monitoring and investigation after the events that occurred in Hojalatería and Pontores in the Morelos neighborhood of the Venustiano Carranza mayor's office.

Reports from the SSC indicate that on February 15, El Cacho showed up at an establishment selling alcoholic beverages where several people were living together, including the victims.

The person involved was traveling on a motorcycle along with an accomplice, according to versions of some witnesses; He entered the establishment and opened fire on several people.

In this attack, Ericka Polet Leviana Rosas died and the Trans woman Devaly Vilchis Larios was seriously injured.

Estephanie Pamela and Joasafat Jonatan were also injured, and received medical attention at the Balbuena Hospital.

From that moment on, El Cacho was identified as the shooter and based on testimonies and images obtained by the agents, the search for the suspect intensified.

Once captured, he was presented to the capital's Attorney General's Office (FGJ) where the investigation folder for these events is integrated.

Authorities consulted on the matter explained that the aggressor, a possible member of the “Unión Tepito”, unleashed the attack when he considered that the victims were from the criminal organization “Anti Unión”.

However, the person involved could face charges for the crimes of feminicide, homicide and attempted homicide.

Report added: 25 Feb 2024. Last updated: 21 Jul 2024

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