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1 Mar 2024
Valencia, Los Rios (Ecuador)

Devora [photo:]

Devora and her partner were executed in her salon.

Asociación Silueta X, members of Plataforma Nacional Trans Ecuador (CoaliTrans), el Observatorio GLBTI, and Federación Nacional de Organizaciones, announce the following fact to the public.

On Friday March 1, at approximately 18:45 hours, Devora (Coding Runa Sipiy SX-RIOS-82431) a trans woman and member of the LGBT+ community, was tragically murdered in her salon located at the intersection of August 2 and December 13, in the canton Valencia of the Province of Los Rios.

According to reports from area residents, shots were heard coming from inside a facility identified as “My Secret Barber Shop.” The sound of gunshots raised alarm among passers-by, who observed how a vehicle hurriedly leave the scene with an unknown direction. Concerned about the possibility of a violent act, eyewitnesses quickly alerted local authorities.

Police responded immediately and upon entering the hall, they confirmed the presence of two people without vital signs inside. Devora, sadly, was one of the victims, and her body was found on the bathroom floor of her establishment. The other body was her partner whose life was taken from in the cabinet's waiting cabinet. So far, authorities have not determined the motives behind this tragic event, nor has the identity of the second victim been revealed. The bodies will be moved to Quevedo Canton to carry out the relevant legal procedures.

Report added: 12 Mar 2024. Last updated: 20 Mar 2024

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