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Reyna Hernandez

Age 54

2 Mar 2024
Mexicali, Baja California (Mexico)

Reyna Hernandez
Reyna Hernandez [photo:]

Reyna's body was found tied to a tree. She was subsequently identified as a US citizen and salon owner who had gone missing from her home in Renton, WA on Monday 26th February.

On Saturday 9th March Reyna's husband Louie Hernández was detained by Mexican authorities.

Mexicali, BC. Tied hand and foot to a tree, the body of a transgender woman was located in the El Centinela pantheon in Mexicali.

The police report indicates that the victim was wrapped in a white blanket, has a tattoo of an apple on her right forearm and multiple signs of torture, especially on her swollen face and bruises throughout her abdomen.

At the scene where the victim was found, 15 gunshot cartidges with pink and green seals were scattered.

The discovery was made this Saturday morning in the cemetery located on the Mexicali-Tijuana highway near La Rosita.

The body was discovered by a man who went to the cemetery on Saturday morning, around 9 a.m., when he saw the wrapped body and where his face and long red hair were shown.

Later, forensic personnel confirmed that the victim was a transsexual woman.

At the time, the activist said in an interview that judges and public ministries act with pretenses of power and without gender perspective.

He said that the actions to comply with the gender alert were made visible but they remained on paper and are insufficient because a hostile environment towards women remains in the streets and femicides, murders of women and hate crimes due to discrimination continue. specifically those committed against the trans community.

Reyna was traveling with her husband, identified as Louie Hernández, although she frequently used the name Arthur Louis Hernández. The last time she was heard from the victim was when she was planning to meet with Louie to discuss the separation of assets; Since then, no more has been heard from her.

Louie Hernández was detained on March 9 by Mexican authorities at a military checkpoint in Baja California. During his arrest, a large sum of money, six wraps of fentanyl and firearm cartridges were confiscated. He was aboard a cherry-colored Ford vehicle, owned by his stepson, in which, apparently, he was seen with the victim.

Report added: 12 Mar 2024. Last updated: 29 Mar 2024

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