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Montserrat Hernández

Age 36

4 Mar 2024
Zamora, Miranda (Venezuela)
Beaten, stabbed and suffocated

Montserrat Hernández
Montserrat Hernández [photo:]

Montserrat was beaten, stabbed and then suffocated, allegedly by José Berroterán, 43.

The director of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (CICPC), Douglas Rico, reported on March 13 the clarification of the homicide of [deadname] Hernández, 36 years old, a member of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Hernández, known to those close to her as Montserrat, was murdered on March 4 on land in the Sojo Industrial Zone of Guatire, Miranda state. The CICPC did not offer further details about the identity of the victim.

Detectives investigated and obtained evidence that linked José Berroterán, 43, to the crime. According to Rico, Berroterán had a debt with the victim that he refused to pay with various excuses.

The accused was arrested by Polimiranda days after the crime for drug possession. CICPC officials later added evidence to his case that links him to the crime of Hernández.

The investigations showed that Berroterán planned the murder, summoned the victim to the scene of the crime and when he met her, he began to beat her, stabbed her several times and then suffocated her with a plastic bag.

The case was left in the hands of the Public Ministry to continue with the process.

Report added: 20 Mar 2024. Last updated: 29 Mar 2024

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