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Reshma Khatun

Age 25

8 Mar 2024
Benapole, Jashore (Bangladesh)

Reshma Khatun
Reshma Khatun [photo:]

Reshma's decomposed body was found with stab wounds in a graveyard. Her hands and feet had been bound.

According to news published in various newspapers in Bangladesh, it has been learned that the police recovered the decomposed body of Reshma Khatun (25), a third gender individual, from the Kagajpukur graveyard of Benapole Port Police Station in [Jashore].

Reshma's body was recovered in a joint operation by the Jessore District Detective Branch (DB) and Benapole Port Police Station on Monday afternoon, March 11, 2024. Reshma Khatun is the daughter of the deceased Zakir Hossain from Rajbari village of Kagazpukur under Benapole police station, Jessore.

It is noteworthy that for the past few days, there had been reports of Reshma (a Hijra, or third gender person) from Benapole's Kagazpukur village going missing. Locals informed the Benapole Port Police Station on the morning of March 11, Monday, when they noticed fresh soil being dug inside the cemetery.

Later, with the assistance of local residents and the police station, the Jessore Detective Branch (DB) police team excavated the soil of the cemetery and recovered the partially decomposed body of Reshma Khatun.

Previously, a young man named Farukh Hossain (25) was arrested for his involvement in the murder, and the police team located Reshma based on his confession. The detained Farooq Hossain is the son of Noor Islam from the same village.

Farooq Hossain informed the police that Reshma was slain with a knife, her hands and feet bound, in the orchard of the deceased Sirajul Islam in Kagazpukur village on March 08, 2024. Subsequently, her body was buried in the mentioned location in the cemetery.

It is initially known that 5-6 other individuals, including Farooq, are involved in the murder of Reshma. After the murder, the perpetrators attempted to dispose of some of Reshma's clothes, two mobile phones, and other evidence by concealing them in various locations.

The concerned authorities conducted an autopsy on Reshma's decomposed dead body, and a murder case has been filed with the Benapole Port Police Station, Jessore.

Report added: 10 Apr 2024. Last updated: 19 Apr 2024

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