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10 Mar 2024
Ibarra, Imbabura (Ecuador)

Martha [photo:]

Martha was stabbed by a client who refused to pay for her services. Her killer was arrested.

This Sunday the LGBT+ collective of Ecuador denounced the murder of a transsexual woman of Venezuelan origin in the Andean city of Ibarra (north) and raised the number of transfemicides to occur so far this year.

This platform demanded justice and asked the Government, especially the Ministry of Women and Human Rights, to help w repatriate the body of the murdered woman to their country.

She was murdered with “two blows to the head with a steel pipe, inflicted by a client who refused to make payment,” the group said.

He added that the alleged murderer is being held by the authorities to carry out the corresponding hearings and investigations.

“With this murder, ten murders have been recorded against LGBT+ (plus) populations so far in 2024,” reiterated the group that took the figures from the Runa Sipiy Observatory.

Since last January 8, Ecuador has been subject to a state of emergency decreed by the country's president, Daniel Noboa, due to the social unrest and internal armed conflict resulting from large scale attacks and violent actions by criminal gangs in prisons and streets.

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