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Age 26

21 Mar 2024
Piracicaba, São Paulo (Brazil)


Patrícia's body was found in a stream less than two hours after she was seen leaving a bakery. A suspect has been arrested.

As PIRANOT reported yesterday (21), a transgender woman was found dead in a stream in the São Matheus neighborhood, in the Santa Terezinha district, in Piracicaba. According to initial information from the police at the scene, the body was located around 8am, less than two hours after the victim left a bakery in the neighborhood. Images from the establishment's security cameras captured the last record of her making a purchase there at around 6:20 am.

The man responsible for the crime confessed and was arrested in the act by the Civil Police for qualified homicide. He alleged a disagreement with the victim, which resulted in strangulation and death. Then the body was thrown into the stream. The motivations for the murder are being investigated.

According to the PM, the accused was in a forest close to where the victim's body was found.

At first, the first information showed that the victim was a man and the place where the body was found was a lake. Later, the police identified that the victim was a transsexual woman named Patrícia and the body was in a stream.

The victim, who was 26 years old, was buried at 1pm this Friday (22), at the Vila Rezende Municipal Cemetery.

Report added: 28 Mar 2024. Last updated: 30 Mar 2024

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