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Thaliana Henao

25 Mar 2024
Flandes, Tolima (Colombia)

Thaliana Henao
Thaliana Henao [photo:]

Thaliana was shot and murdered by two hitmen on March 25th.

Thaliana was in the La Ceiba neighborhood when around 10:45 pm two criminals, who were traveling on a motorcycle, intercepted her and shot her repeatedly. The crime was recorded last holiday Monday, March 25.

After the attack was carried out the hitmen fled in an unknown direction. Residents of the sector, upon verifying what happened, found this person lying on the ground and lifeless and notified the authorities.

At the time of the crime, Thaliana was not carrying identification documents, so she was admitted to the Medicinal Legal facilities as unidentified. It was not until the afternoon of Tuesday, March 26, when her loved ones approached the authorities to recognize and claim her body.

In the middle of the procedure it was confirmed that she was from the municipality of Coello. Likewise, it was established that she had left her house several months ago, when her relatives lost track of her until yesterday, Tuesday, when they confirmed the news.

Members of the Sijin Basic Criminal Investigation Unit of Flanders took on the investigation to determine the circumstances and those responsible for the crime of the trans woman, who will be remembered by the Flemish community as a kind and respectful person.

“She was beautiful, a woman who was always kind and respectful, the people who managed to deal with her know what a beautiful heart she had.” “How sad, she was very kind and respectful. "I exchanged words with her and I thought she had a very good feeling and was very treatable," are some comments from people close to the victim.

Report added: 28 Mar 2024. Last updated: 29 Mar 2024

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