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Meredith Escarlet

Age 20

7 Apr 2024
Morelia, Michoacán (Mexico)

Meredith Escarlet
Meredith Escarlet [photo:]

Meredith lost consciousness after her and two friends were beaten in the street by four men on 30th March. She died in an intensive care ward a week later.

Morelia, Michoacán. Meredith Escarlet , a 20-year-old young [trans woman], was beaten along with her friends by four men until she was unconscious in the early hours of March 30 in Galaxia Tarímbaro, which ended up causing her death.

According to accounts from the victims' relatives, the three women were attacked by four subjects in the streets of Galaxia Tarímbaro. One of them managed to flee. When another of her friends regained consciousness, she called the ambulance and the paramedics told her that Meredith Escarlet was already suffering from brain death.

"Nothing happened to them, they just attacked them, but one ran and the other also fainted with a blow and once she regained consciousness she saw Mario (Meredith Escarlet) lying down and proceeded to call 911," declared one of the the victim's friends.

The young woman was treated in intensive care at the Morelia Civil Hospital, where she received medical care. However, on April 7 she died due to brain death resulting from the trauma she suffered [to her head].,115552/titulo,Inicia+CEDH+Michoac%C3%A1n+Queja+Sobre+Femenicidio+de+Persona+Trans+/

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