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11 Apr 2024
Sultanpuri, Delhi (India)


Afsana died by suicide.

[Editor's Note: Afsana's gender identity is unconfirmed but they appear to have been a trans woman.]

New Delhi- In Sultanpuri, Delhi, a transgender [person] involved in a relationship with a woman attempted suicide on April 11th by jumping into a nearby drain, reportedly due to mental distress triggered by [their] partner's suspected affair.

The trans person, whose name is said to be Afsana, used to work as a hairdresser in a local salon. [Their] friend Kartik told the local media that they had talked just a day before the suicide, asking him to meet up.

“I assumed [they were] calling me because of a fight between [them] and [their] partner,” stated Kartik.

The friend continued, “[They were] beaten up by [their] partner and the person he was having an affair with, but things had been sorted out.”

After learning about the suicide through another friend of theirs, Kartik then collected all the people they knew and reached Sultanpuri, where [they] and [their] partner named Chanchal used to live together in a rented apartment.

The deceased's parents stated that they went to the police station on the night of the incident and again the next morning. On both occasions, they were dismissed, and no complaint was filed.

Afsana and Chanchal were in a relationship for 8 years and have been legally married for three. Their marriage was registered in court, as per locals.

According to the mother of the deceased, the body had multiple injury marks, including a black eye, which points towards physical assault.

With a trembling voice, she said, “I had warned [them] before, but [they] did not pay any heed to my words.”

Afsana’s sister alleged that the recent violence had pushed [them] to take the dire step.

The sister recounted the chilling incident, describing how when locals informed the family that Afsana had jumped into a drain, they rushed to the scene. [Theiir] father bravely leaped in to rescue [them], while nearby women joined together to tie their dupattas into a makeshift rope, attempting to provide support, but unfortunately, their efforts were unsuccessful.

The Mooknayak attempted to reach out to Sultanpuri Police Station to inquire why an FIR was not lodged despite the family's complaint, but their call went unanswered.

Afsana's tragic fate is not an isolated incident, and regrettably, she won't be the last victim. Many transgender individuals have been lost to violence and discrimination. Unfortunately, a significant hurdle our nation faces is the absence of real-time data on sexual minorities, including transgender individuals.

Report added: 9 May 2024. Last updated: 12 May 2024

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