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Fernanda Rodriguez Lara

11 Apr 2024
Buenavista, Veracruz (Mexico)
Hit and run

Fernanda Rodriguez Lara
Fernanda Rodriguez Lara [photo:]

Fernanda was killed in a hit and run incident involving a truck.

Veracruz, Veracruz.- The victim of a hit-and-run accident recorded in the industrial city in Veracruz, at midnight yesterday Thursday, was identified. She was destroyed after being run over by a hit-and-run truck.

This is Fernanda Rodriguez Lara, a trans woman, who went to the aforementioned area to work.

Yazz Bustamante, a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, confirmed the identity of the victim of the unfortunate [incident] on her social networks:

“They have already identified the trans woman run over in an industrial city in Veracruz, #FernandaRodriguezLara, part of her body was destroyed and unrecognizable; She was run over by a truck driver who fled and dragged Fernanda's body several meters between the tires.

“To date, there is no official statement from the prosecutor's office regarding the investigation of the truck driver who fled.”

Report added: 19 Apr 2024. Last updated: 28 Apr 2024

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