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João Rodrigues

Age 44

11 Apr 2024
Palmas, Tocantins (Brazil)

João Rodrigues
João Rodrigues [photo:]

João was one of three people killed by Valber Oliveira da Silva, 35. The other victims were Aristânia de Moura Pereira (da Silva's ex-wife), 29 and Antônia Mary de Moura Pereira, 47, (his ex-mother-in-law, and João's partner).

Oliveira da Silva then took his own life.

The night of this Thursday, 11th, was violent in the southern region of Palmas (Rua Vicenal 2, in Aureny I). A man killed his ex-wife, his ex-mother-in-law, a trans man (his ex-mother-in-law's partner) and then took his own life. The perpetrator had not accepted the end of his relationship with his ex-wife. The separation took place about a week earlier.

The name of the person responsible for the triple homicide is Valber Oliveira da Silva, 35 years old, and the victims Aristânia de Moura Pereira (ex-wife), 29 years old; Antônia Mary de Moura Pereira (former mother-in-law), 47 years old; and [deadname] Fernandes Rodrigues, 44 years old, who identified himself as a man (João) and was Antônia's current partner.

According to the Tocantins Military Police, military police were called to investigate reports of gunshots and possible homicides in the Aureny I sector and, upon arriving at the scene, the police team came across the perpetrator (Valber) shot in the head and with a holster on his waist, but the weapon was not there. He also found that the 29-year-old victim (Aristânia) had been shot in the head and chest.

The police team also saw that there were two other victims ([deadname] and Antônia) inside the house, both shot in the chest area. At the entrance to the location, the police found a pistol magazine loaded with .40 ammunition.

Aristânia was a makeup artist and left behind four children with the perpetrator. Valber also left behind a son from another relationship.

Report added: 19 Apr 2024. Last updated: 4 May 2024

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