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Daniele Miranda Alves

Age 21

13 Apr 2024
São Paulo (Brazil)

Daniele Miranda Alves
Daniele Miranda Alves [photo:]

Daniele was shot in the street after she and a friend left a dance in the South Zone of São Paulo. Her assilants were two men who had only shortly before been seen with them.

Breno Fernandes Silva, 23, was arrested for murder and attempted murder.

Although I would only like to have publications celebrating local artists and culture, I also sadly need to bring to light the reality around me and it is horrendous, unfair, disgusting and practically impossible to digest. I recently received news that yet another trans woman was hatefully killed. Whenever this type of story appears in the eyes of laymen, relativization begins. “But what was she doing that night? What clothes was she wearing? Wasn't she the one who looked for it? Wasn’t she on drugs?” They always look for ways to blame the victim and minimize the case, even more so if she is not a cisgender, white or rich person, and as a desperate act of trying to put your perspective, dear reader, on the reality of victims in Brazil, I will describe between facts and comments what happened to Daniele Miranda Alves, a trans woman who was just 21 years old when she entered national longevity statistics for LGBTQIA+ bodies.

It was a hot Saturday night and Daniele, in the prime of her youth, went out with a friend, Rafhaelly. They went to a dance in the South Zone of São Paulo. They spent the night enjoying the party like anyone their age. At dawn a tragic nightmare began, present in the reality of any trans woman: through images from security cameras we see Daniele being approached by a man. It's a classic flirtation scene between young people. Then, at 6:41 am, a car appears. She gets into the vehicle. For an unknown reason we see that, two minutes later, she leaves the car with a completely different energy. She and her friend are angry, walking back and forth, pointing in the direction of men who are close to the car, a red Volkswagen. They are in public. But, for reasons that everyone imagines, they are practically alone in trying to make a verbal complaint. Only one other woman tries to join the discussion. She pushes Dani into the arms of a man, perhaps in an attempt to make her resolve something with him. We then see Daniele slap a boy and shortly after this a man in a red sweatshirt advances, leading Rafhaelly to physically attack him.

From that moment on, everything gets worse: everyone who was nearby moves away. Rafhaelly is beaten by the man in the sweatshirt and after Daniele gets out of the car, he goes towards her and attacks her too. After some men enter, the car quickly reverses, almost running over some people. Although the car has left the scene, the two are still there being beaten by the same person, the same monster. The most disgusting thing is knowing that, as shown in the video, the driver of the car, before any argument began, was kissing and hugging Daniele...

It's natural to think about what exactly caused this argument but I hope you didn't do what I mentioned above. I hope you didn't relativize, look for possible reasons for such a sadistic act. What I can tell readers who have never experienced the reality of a trans woman up close is that this scene is not rare. Unfortunately, the transphobic system swallows and reaps the trans and transvestite community through harassment, sexual and moral aggression combined with constant abuse in the most grotesque ways and this was yet another case that contributes to Brazil being the country that kills and commits the most crimes. of hate towards the LGBTQIA+ population in the world.

As if Dani and Rafha's pleasant moment of relaxation wasn't enough to end there, the violence didn't stop. I would say that in that footage we only saw the beginning. After receiving punches in broad daylight with no one to defend them, the two return home on foot, where they are surprised on the avenue, 800 meters ahead, with gunfire. Before the crime takes place, we see Rafhaelly looking back in fright, turning her body and realizing that the same car, linked to the attackers, was chasing them and it was too late as they were already approaching. She pushes her friend in an attempt to help her escape. In a fraction of a second we see each one run to one side while shots are fired towards both of them. Rafhaelly realizes that the two have missed each other and also sees that her friend was hit, so she goes back to meet her. The two see each other in a parking lot and also with security cameras we see Daniele still able to walk with the adrenaline running through her veins. But there is no adrenaline that can save her. Daniele falls dead. The red car, the red sweatshirt now makes room for blood running down the streets and dirtying the hands of a criminal. Another trans woman murdered. Another young life cut short by systematic and brutal hatred.,e3be9cf4cbf66da68d1c92dcf918c32fg8b9807a.html,200c2e5aed2da42084f8dab3bdb4d5fb0ijhlgkk.html,6549316682736.html

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