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Age 28

21 Apr 2024
Cali, Valle del Cauca (Colombia)

Macarena [photo:]

Macarena was murdered in a hotel in the centre of Cali while trying to defend a colleague from a client.

Macarena, a 28-year-old trans woman, 1.80 tall, originally from Santa Marta and who had lived in Cali for eight years, was a victim of gender violence.

When she arrived in Cali she worked for four years as a webcam model, then she began working as a sex worker on the streets of downtown Cali. There she made friends and for four years she remained in the area of calles 22 and 7, where there is an apartment hotel that they use for [work] with clients.

Macarena, who last Sunday was wearing a miniskirt, a blouse and a black jacket, was left lying on the floor of the parking lot of the Expresión de Amor hotel after being shot four times.

By way of background, those who work with this LGTBIQ+ population, of which trans women are part, say that in these areas of the center, criminal gangs, micro-trafficking and extortion are reappearing and these are the same criminal organizations that have intimidate trans people to prevent them working, leaving them in imminent danger.

In the case of Macarena, it is thought that the person who took her life was a regular client who hires trans women, but that, according to them, in recent times, after providing the service, then alleges that they have stolen it from him and forces them to return the money, often by beating them.

Allegedly, yesterday this person hired another trans woman, and when he wanted his money back he beat her, at which point Macarena intervened to defend her partner.

Several witnesses say that the man left, but returned with another person and they surprised Macarena with four gunshots, leaving her on the ground without any immediate attention. The police arrived, but they were closed, said one of the trans women who was desperately asking for help.

Report added: 28 Apr 2024

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