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Valentina Barrera Delgado

21 Apr 2024
Pasto, Nariño (Colombia)
Pushed down stairs

Valentina Barrera Delgado
Valentina Barrera Delgado [photo:]

Valentina died after being pushed down some stairs at a nightclub during the early hours of the morning. Her death is being treated as a pre-intentional homicide.

Pasto is immersed in dismay and pain after the mysterious death of a trans woman belonging to the Lgtbiq+ community in the early hours of last Sunday. The victim, preliminarily identified as 'Valentina Arango', was allegedly pushed down some steps in a well-known nightclub located in the Las Cuadras sector, on calles 19 and 32.

According to preliminary versions, this tragic incident was a pre-intentional homicide. Local authorities have launched an exhaustive investigation to clarify the facts and determine the exact circumstances surrounding 'Valentina's death. Witnesses present at the scene have been called to testify, while security cameras are reviewed to obtain more details that may shed light on what happened.

The news has shaken the Lgtbiq+ community of Pasto, which is in mourning and demands justice. Several representatives and leaders of this community have raised their voices on social networks to reject this violent and discriminatory act, urging the authorities to act quickly and diligently in the investigation. In addition, peaceful marches and demonstrations have been called in memory of 'Valentina', seeking to raise awareness about the importance of respecting human rights and sexual diversity.

Report added: 28 Apr 2024. Last updated: 12 May 2024

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