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Charmy Fredricks

Age 30

2 May 2024
Windhoek, Khomas (Namibia)

Charmy Fredricks
Charmy Fredricks [photo:]

Charmy was found by a passerby near a riverbed in Otjomuise, Windhoek, Namibia. She was found naked, horribly mutilated and her clothing was scattered at the scene of her killing.

The transgender woman was last seen by family members on Wednesday morning when she packed her clothes to visit a friend’s place. Many people believe the country's anti-LGBTQ sentiment from its' leaders are taking a toll on LGBTQ citizens as well.

Fredricks’ death brings the total number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and other (LGBTQI+) community members murdered in hate crimes in the past year to six, the Namibia Equal Rights Movement claimed yesterday. The Namibian police did not verify this figure, however, there have been several cases since the beginning of this year.

Fredricks’ body was discovered at Otjomuise’s 7de Laan settlement in Windhoek yesterday. The transgender woman was last seen by family members on Wednesday morning when she packed her clothes to visit a friend’s place.

The Namibia Equal Rights Movement blames members of parliament (MPs) and Swapo backbencher Jerry Ekandjo’s private member’s bills – passed by both the National Assembly and National Council – which aim to redefine the term ‘spouse’ and amend the Marriage Act of 1961 to block the recognition of same-sex marriage in Namibia for the undignified killings.

“The undignified killings of LGBTQI+ Namibians is a direct result of the parliament legislating hate and sanctioning hate crimes.

“Since the parliament passed the anti-LGBTQI+ bill in July 2023, we have lost six queer siblings to hate crimes and violent murders. Reports continue to detail victims being tied up, found naked and, in the most recent report, their genitals cut off,” the movement stated yesterday.

Minister of agriculture, water and land reform Calle Schlettwein yesterday said: “I am greatly saddened and concerned about this senseless and brutal behaviour.

Fredricks’ aunt, Beniqna Visser, yesterday received a call from an unknown person, telling her a “[offensive term] was murdered”. “My heart immediately dropped as soon as I received the call, because according to the caller, the deceased was identified as ‘Sexy Charmy’, which is what we call her at home.

“When we got to the scene, we immediately saw her black dress, hair and underwear on the ground,” Visser said. She said the shock has left her in denial and hopeful that Fredricks would still return home.

“So cruel to perform such a gruesome act,” she said.

“I believe this was done by two or more people, because how can someone [mutilate Fredricks’ genitals] and put it on her chest, her body had about 32 stab wounds all over,” she said. “At this point, we are all clueless on who could possibly have done this, because she was never open to us on who she was romantically involved with,” Visser said.

Police spokesperson Elifas Kuwinga yesterday confirmed that Fredricks’ body was discovered by a passer-by in a riverbed next to Chairman Mao Zedong High School at Otjomuise.

“The body has multiple stab wounds and the [genitals] of the deceased was [mutilated] and placed on [her] chest. What is suspected to be [her] clothes were found at a distance from the body along Ghanzi Street, as well as several blood spots along the road,” he said.

Kuwinga said Fredricks’ aunt said she left home on Wednesday morning between 10h00 and 11h00 in the company of a friend and never returned home. “The last they heard is that they parted ways with the friend at the Otjomuise shops, until the discovery of [her] mutilated body this morning [yesterday]. Investigations continue,” he said.

Report added: 4 May 2024. Last updated: 12 May 2024

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