TDoR 2024 / 2024 / May / 02 / Noelia


Age about 25

2 May 2024
Oruro (Bolivia)


Noelia was stabbed to death inside a residence.

The investigation process continues into the death of a transsexual woman, named Noelia, who was found lifeless inside a room in a lodging.

According to the Police report, the victim had injuries caused by a knife, the cuts were made on the hands and chest, stab wounds that pierced the heart and one of the lungs.

“Felcv personnel, together with the laboratory and Ittcup, went to the place and it was evident that in room number two, there was a body that, after external evaluation, verified that it was a transsexual person, and the external examination was carried out, the presence of wounds in the hands and puncture wounds in the thorax are evident, which pierced the breast implants and even perforated the heart and lung," explained the departmental director of the Special Force to Fight Violence (Felcv), Colonel Yerko Rejas.

Members of the LGBT community spoke out and demanded a thorough investigation of the incident, managing to find the person responsible for the death of their partner.

Report added: 12 May 2024. Last updated: 14 May 2024

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