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Cataleya Tapia Redondo

Age 20

23 May 2024
Soledad, Atlántico (Colombia)

Cataleya Tapia Redondo

Cataleya was a hairdresser. Her body was found in a garbage dump with a gunshot wound to the head.

A person, apparently a member of the LGBTI community, was found dead in a garbage dump located on Calle 13A and Carrera 24 in the Cachimbero neighborhood of the municipality of Soledad, Atlántico.

She was identified as [deadname] Tapia Redondo, 20 years old.

The community was the one that notified the authorities who were present at the scene of the events, more precisely at a location on Calle 13A and Carrera 24, in the aforementioned neighborhood.

After inspection of the body, the authorities indicated that Tapia Redondo had a gunshot wound to the face, which was enough to end her life.

This person was known in the area where she lived as Cataleya and the authorities indicated that she was a trans woman. She had been under the care of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute.

According to the authorities' report, Cataleya in the Oral Accusatory Penal System, Spoa, appeared as a victim of the crime of libel, due to events that occurred in 2019.

Report added: 30 May 2024

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