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Luna Kopola

8 Jun 2024
Comayagua (Honduras)
Beaten and burned

Luna Kopola
Luna Kopola [photo:]

Luna was a TikTokker. She was found dead in a burnt hotel room, having been tied up and beaten.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras - Last Saturday, Luna Kopola, a trans woman and creator of entertainment content for social networks, was found dead in a hotel room in the Torondón neighborhood of Comayagua, central Honduras.

A priori, the police attributed this violent death to a murder caused by “beatings”, and revealed that the hotel room (where the TikToker lived) seemed to have traces of a fire.

According to the version handled by Grecia O'hara, a trans activist from the organization Center for LGBTI Development and Cooperation, Kopola was with another person in the room, with whom the victim had argued prior to the criminal act. It is assumed that the person responsible for the crime (unknown until now) would have tied up and then beaten the victim until she died.

The sexual diversity activist pointed out that Luna Kopola was not associated with any LGBTI organization, however, she was a recognized person in these spaces due to her notable content published on the TikTok platform.

Report added: 16 Jun 2024. Last updated: 23 Jun 2024

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