TDoR 2024 / 2024 / June / 16 / Kenia Cruz

Kenia Cruz

Age about 20

16 Jun 2024
Cárdenas, Tabasco (Mexico)

Kenia Cruz
Kenia Cruz [photo:]

Kenia was beaten to death outside her home, possibly in revenge for her reporting a group of people for mistreating her.

CARDENAS. [Deadname] 'N', also known as Kenia, had reported mistreatment by a group of young people, which led to the imprisonment of one of them. Yesterday, the young trans [woman] was found lifeless in the patio of her house, after being brutally beaten.

The alleged hate crime occurred in the second section of the La Azucena ranchería, where the lifeless body of the young [woman], approximately 20 years old, was found. The night before, Kenia was seen hanging out with a group of people until the wee hours.

Ana Julia, her adoptive mother, discovered the tragedy when she noticed Kenia's absence in the morning. Walking out to the front yard, she found him under a tree. Thinking that she was asleep, she went to wake her up, but sadly she was already lifeless.

The State Attorney General's Office is following at least two lines of investigation. One of them is the death threats that Kenia received from a neighbor, whose statement led to the imprisonment of the woman's son.

The second line of investigation points to a possible conflict during the party the night before.

When the body was lifted, it had signs of several blows to different parts of the body; however, it was a contusion to the skull that pointed to the cause of death. []

Report added: 16 Jun 2024. Last updated: 2 Jul 2024

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