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Gabriella da Silva Borges ("Gabi Campbel")

Age 50

26 Jun 2024
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Gabriella da Silva Borges ("Gabi Campbel")
Gabriella da Silva Borges ("Gabi Campbel") [photo:]

Gabriella's body was found in her apartment.

A 50-year-old trans woman was found dead inside her own apartment on Wednesday night (26), in the Santo André neighborhood, in the Northwest Region of Belo Horizonte. According to a friend of the victim, the woman lived in Italy and had been on vacation in BH for 15 days.

The Military Police were called after the condominium's assistant manager smelled a strong odor coming from the woman's apartment. The officers used force to break down the door of the property and found the resident lying on the bed in one of the bedrooms, with a blanket wrapped around her body and already dead.

According to the police report, the deputy stated that he had not seen the woman for days and that her car was not in the garage space of the apartment where she was staying. The victim's friend also stated that, in addition to her car, her cell phone was not at the property and that there was an individual accessing her social networks and responding to messages.

Civil Police expertise and the hearse were called. It is suspected that the woman was killed by hanging. A 43-year-old suspect has been identified but has not yet been arrested. The case remains under investigation.

The details of the woman's car were passed on to the police, who found the vehicle with two women, aged 18 and 22, in the early hours of this Thursday (27). They told the police that they were in a bar when a man asked them to take over the car and deliver the vehicle to him on a nearby street.

The police approached the two inside the victim's car on a street in Bairro Aparecida. The women were arrested for receiving stolen goods.

Gabi was an artist who participated in parades and lip sync battles in the capital. She had lived in Italy for over 20 years and returned to Brazil every year to vacation and see relatives and friends.

The week before she was killed she had celebrated her 50th birthday.

Report added: 2 Jul 2024

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