Stacey Estupinian


Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)

Murdered. 1 Oct 1997

Stacey was murdered. No other information is known.

Maria La Conchita Palencia


Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)

Shot. 2 Oct 1997

Maria was shot repeatedly in the stomach.

Robert H. Jones

Age 30

New Castle, Delaware (USA)

Stabbed. 15 Oct 1997

Robert was stabbed by Ronald Taltoan. During his trial, Taltoan used a trans panic defence and blamed the victim for their own death.

Vanessa/Barry Lane

Age 42

Snowtown, South Australia (Australia)

Dismembered. 31 Oct 1997

Lane's dismembered body was found by police in a drum in the bank vault in Snowtown, along with the body of Michael Gardiner.

Maurice E. Murray


St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

Shot. 10 Nov 1997

Maurice was shot several times.

Jerrell Williams

Age 19

Mobile, Alabama (USA)

Stabbed. 30 Nov 1997

Jerrell was stabbed and slashed in the throat by Tavares Demetrius some time during November 1997. Seven years later Demetrius pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 15...

Yamile Lee


San Diego, California (USA)

Stabbed. 4 Dec 1997

Yamile was stabbed to death with a large butcher knife, allegedly by Luis Garces.

Ali He'shun Forney

Age 22 (born 12 Apr 1975)

New York (USA)

Shot. 5 Dec 1997

Ali was found with a gunshot wound to the head by police on the sidewalk in front of a housing project on East 131st Street in Harlem at 4 a.m. on 5th December 1997.

Vianna Faye Williams


Jersey City, New Jersey (USA)

Stabbed. 24 Dec 1997

Vianna suffered multiple stab wounds to back, neck, and chest.

Name Unknown


Madrid (Spain)

Murdered. 31 Dec 1997

The victim was murdered in Madrid sometime during 1997. No other information is known.

Tasha Dunn


Tampa, Florida (USA)

Beaten. 14 Feb 1998

Tasha was bludgeoned to death.

Jacqueline Julita Anderson ("Octavia")

Age 29

Portland, Oregon (USA)

Shot. 24 Feb 1998

Jacqueline and her cisgender partner Barbara Gilpin were shot in the head with a shotgun by Jacqueline's ex Eric Walter Running.

Leslie Re'Geanne


Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Run over. 24 Mar 1998

Leslie was killed in a hit and run incident.

Regina Haskins


New York (USA)

Shot. 4 Apr 1998

Regina was shot at least twice - once in the neck and once in the head.

Karla Barrahona


El Salvador

Shot. 5 May 1998

Karla died from gunshot wounds to the throat and thorax received eight days prior.

Sigfrilda Shantall Pastor Arguelles


Catacamas, Olancho (Honduras)

Stabbed. 15 May 1998

Sigfrilda was stabbed in the neck.

Tiny Gibson

Age 32 (born 1 Apr 1966)

El Cajon, California (USA)

Stabbed. 31 Jul 1998

Tiny suffered multiple stab wounds after being stabbed by Shawn Keith Wilson. When tried he attempted to use the trans panic defence.

Luana da Silva Lago


Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)

Drowned. 4 Aug 1998

Luana was drowned.

Jamaica Green

Age 36

New York (USA)

Stabbed. 18 Aug 1998

Jamaica was stabbed multiple times by Eric Carolina.

Victor Olvera

Age 19

Fort Worth, Texas (USA)

Shot. 8 Sep 1998

Victor was shot multiple times with a shotgun after being hunted down by Isaac Fountain after he found out that his lover was "a man".

Monique Thomas


Dorchester, Massachusetts (USA)

Murdered. 11 Sep 1998

Monique's body was not discovered for a week after she was murdered.

Chanel Chandler

Age 22

Clovis, California (USA)

Stabbed. 20 Sep 1998

Chanel was stabbed to death, allegedly by Christopher Joseph Lopez and a 16-year-old friend.