Rita Hester

Age 34 (born 30 Nov 1963)

Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Stabbed. 28 Nov 1998

Rita was stabbed 20 times in her apartment two days before her 35th birthday. She died in hospital.

Lauryn Paige (Donald Scott Fuller)

Age 19

Austin, Texas (USA)

Stabbed. 9 Jan 1999

Lauryn was stabbed multiple times in the head and torso, allegedly by Gamaliel Mireles Coria.

Robert Eads

Age 53 (born 18 Dec 1945)

Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Cancer. 17 Jan 1999

Robert died from ovarian cancer after more than a dozen doctors refused to treat him fearing that taking a trans man on as a patient might harm their practice.

Steve Dwayne Garcia


Houston, Texas (USA)

Shot. 6 Feb 1999

Steve was shot once in the shoulder. No other information is known.

Chris Muzett (Eddie Matthews)


Detroit, Michigan (USA)

Strangled. 20 Feb 1999

Chris was strangled with a phone cord. No other information is known.

Name Unknown


Houston, Texas (USA)

Shot. 25 Feb 1999

The victim was shot in the abdomen. No other information is known.

Tracy Thompson (aka Tracy Turner, Billy Joe Turner)

Age 33

Cordele, Georgia (USA)

Beaten. 30 Mar 1999

Tracy died from head injuries, most likely caused by a baseball bat.

Emmon Bodfish (aka Margaret Ingalls Bodfish)


Orinda, California (USA)

Beaten. 24 Jun 1999

Emmon was bludgeoned to death with a blunt object. No other information is known.

Pvt. Barry L. Winchell


Fort Campbell, Kentucky (USA)

Beaten. 5 Jul 1999

Pvt Winchell was beaten to death with a baseball bat while he slept by by Justin Fisher and Calvin N. Glover.

Barretta Williams


Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Shot. 27 Jul 1999

Barretta was shot 16 times, pistol whipped, tied up with speaker wire, and gagged with a sock taped into her mouth.

Carol Wright


Pitsmoor, Sheffield, South Yorkshire (United Kingdom)

Strangled. 30 Jul 1999

Carol was strangled. No other information is known.

Kareem Washington

Age 21

Passaic, New Jersey (USA)

Murdered. 29 Aug 1999

Kareem was murdered. No other information is known.

Chareka Keys

Age 19

Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Beaten. 27 Sep 1999

Chareka died as a result of of blunt force trauma to the head.