Christina (Christopher) Smith

Age 20

Houston, Texas (USA)

Shot. 12 Oct 2005

Christina was shot, found dead with a single gunshot wound in the head in an apartment complex.

Kaaseem Adalla Juanda

Age 60

Glenwood, Iowa (USA)

Shot. 17 Oct 2005

Kaaseem's body was found near a rest stop on Interstate 29 outside of Glenwood, Iowa. There was initially some suspicion that her death was a suicide, but additional details have...

Name Unknown


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Throat cut. 11 Nov 2005

The victim’s body was discovered head-first in a garbage bin, wearing a dark T-shirt, white shorts and padded bra.

Donathyn J. Rodgers

Age 19

Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Shot. 15 Nov 2005

Donathyn was shot multiple times while working near Max Hayes High in the early morning of 15th November. When she ran, she was shot several more times.



North Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal (India)

Stoned. 20 Nov 2005

Rani was stoned to death.

Vanessa Facen


San Diego, California (USA)

Died in custody. 21 Nov 2005

Vanessa died after four days on life support while in the custody of San Diego Sheriff's Department. Deputies had manhandled and detained her during being found during what was...

Name Unknown


Northridge, California (USA)

Beaten. 27 Nov 2005

The victim was repeatedly beaten and hacked with a garden hoe by John Freeman. Freeman did not know his victim.

Simone Walton


Dallas, Texas (USA)

Shot. 4 Dec 2005

Simone was shot multiple times.

Roberta Oliveira

Age 28

Milan, Lombardy (Italy)

Run over. 8 Dec 2005

Roberta was deliberately struck by a vehicle. She was a twenty eight year old Brazilian transgender woman living in Italy.

Paulina Mendez Cartagena


Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)

Shot. 18 Dec 2005

Paulina was shot twice in the head.

Alexis (Brandon) L. King

Age 21

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Shot. 3 Feb 2006

Alexis was shot attempting to flee Terron Oates who propositioned her for sex, discovering that Alexis was trans while she was given an early morning ride from a bus stop in...

Tiffany Berry


Memphis, Tennessee (USA)

Shot. 9 Feb 2006

Tiffany was shot 3 times after stepping out of her front door at the Camelot Manor Apartments in South Memphis. The Memphis Police Department (MPD) originally thought the death...

Yardena Marsh

Age 46

Tel Aviv (Israel)

Shot. 15 Feb 2006

Yardena was shot dead in her apartment on Levanda Street. Ze’ev Biso admitted murdering her.

Gisberta Salce Junior

Age 45

Porto, Norte (Portugal)

Tortured and drowned. 22 Feb 2006

Gisberta was tortured by a group of 14 teenagers from St. Jos Center ("a strict Catholic school for boys"). She ultimately died by drowning after they threw her into a pit of...

Melissa Green ("Mo")


Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

Shot. 21 Mar 2006

Melissa was shot.

Rupesh Mandal

Age 13

Mahottari District, Province No. 2 (Nepal)

Suffocated. 30 Mar 2006

Rupesh was a thirteen year old transgender girl living in the Mahotari district of Nepal. She was suffocated by her father, Tapeshore Mandal.

Robert Lee Armstrong


Canton, Michigan (USA)

Beaten. 15 Apr 2006

Robert was hit twice on the back of the head with a flashlight.

Alfred/Ariana Dibble

Age 33

Stockton, California (USA)

Beaten. 20 May 2006

Ariana was beaten unconscious and found hidden in the bushes of a the quiet San Francisco Stockton neighborhood. They died as a result of being beaten around the head.

Sudha alias Lakshmi


Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu (India)

Stabbed. 26 May 2006

Sudha suffered multiple stab wounds to the genitals.

Barbara Calderon


Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)

Shot. 10 Jun 2006

Barbara was killed in a drive-by shooting. She was believed to be from Honduras.

Lupita (Juan Carlos Charria)

Age 29

Gardolo-Trento (Italy)

Stabbed. 29 Jul 2006

Lupita was stabbed 5 times by a client.

Lezlie Anne Field

Age 31

Bangkok (Thailand)

2 Aug 2006

Lezlie was initially believed by police to have died by suicide in the apartment she shared with a Thai friend. However the suicide note left behind appeared to be a forgery and...