(Jean Carlos Pereira da Silva)

Age 39

Tapera, Ceará (Brazil)

Stabbed. 1 May 2011

The victim was stabbed to death in the back with a knife in front of a bar. According to the police various persons had been in the bar drinking and after the victim stole 10...

Preta Gil (Andrey) Barbosa

Age 15

Ambai, Nova Iguacu, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Beaten and hanged. 1 May 2011

‘Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide’ research project: Blog do Pablo, blog, 23.06.2011; Grupo 28 de Junho, LGBT group/Eugenhio 28, blog, 20.06.2011

Barbara (Abraham Lopez Lezama)

Age 25

San Andres Cholula, Puebla (Mexico)

Beaten. 1 May 2011

The victim was a sex worker and was killed in her own apartment by a client who beat her with a shoe, strangled her and gave her a deadly blow on the head. She was found dead by a...