Olga Nely Lopez Jimenez

Age 57

Monterrey, Nuevo León (Mexico)

2 Jun 2016

The victim's body was found in a dumpster on a highway's truck stop with three cases of beer beside her. Police said she died due to a stroke, but acquaintances indicate that she...

Barbie/Ashley Ann Reilly

Age 23

Bacoor, Cavite (Philippines)

Beaten and stabbed. 3 Jun 2016

Barbie was beaten and stabbed in the neck by her ex-boyfriend. Her body was found in the fetal position stuffed inside a suitcase and dumped beside the highway.

Name Unknown

Age 29

Chilpancingo (Mexico)

Shot. 3 Jun 2016

The victim was shot to death when leaving a bar with a group of other women.

P. Lugo Olivares

Age 50

Morelos (Mexico)

Beaten. 4 Jun 2016

The victim's body was found in her home with multiple beating injuries.

Pamela Martinez


San Pedro Sula, Cortés (Honduras)

Shot. 4 Jun 2016

Pamea was shot on the night of Friday 3rd June, and died the following day at Catarino Rivas hospital in San Pedro Sula.



Godhaura, Uttar Pradesh (India)

Shot. 5 Jun 2016

Geeta and a friend left the market and, when boarding an auto-rickshaw, three motorcycle- borne miscreants raided the place and opened indiscriminate fire. She died on the spot...

Goddess Diamond

Age 20

New Orleans,, Louisiana (USA)

Burned. 5 Jun 2016

Goddess was found beaten to death in a burning car.

Natalia Sandoval

Age 35

Mendoza (Argentina)

Beaten. 5 Jun 2016

Natalia was a secretary and hairdresser who lived with her mother in a house in Rodeo del Medio, Maipú.

Name Unknown


Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Beaten. 6 Jun 2016

The victim was beaten to death. Another body was also found, and the police suspects it is from an eye witness



Aracaju, Sergipe (Brazil)

Shot. 7 Jun 2016

TvT partner organisation Rede Trans Brasil & Thatiane Araujo (Astra LGBT), 07.06.2016

Patricia Tavares


São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Stabbed. 9 Jun 2016

Patricia's naked body was found in her home by her boyfriend. She had been stabbed in the back.


Age 44

La Guajira (Colombia)

Stabbed. 10 Jun 2016

Paloma's body was found with an injury on the neck.

Name Unknown


Jose Felix Ribas, Guárico (Venezuela)

10 Jun 2016

The victim's body was found along with the bodies of two men. All of them had signs of decomposition, and the police has stablished that they had died approximately two and a half...

Christina Nimely



11 Jun 2016

TvT partner organisation Refugee Law Center & Transgender Network Liberia

Evelin Abigail Galvan Zamora

Age 24

Coahuila (Mexico)

Stabbed. 11 Jun 2016

The victim was found a few days after gone missing. Her body was stabbed in several parts.


Age 20

Lauro de Freitas, Bahia (Brazil)

Shot. 12 Jun 2016

Suellen was in a bar. The killer followed her and then shot her 6 times.

Name Unknown


Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Stabbed. 13 Jun 2016

The victim's body was found on a highway with 3 stab wounds in the neck.

Name Unknown


Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)

Shot. 13 Jun 2016

The victim was in her mid-twenties. She suffered a gunshot wound to her thigh after three armed men broke into her home and tried to rape her.

Name Unknown


Palmares Paulista, São Paulo (Brazil)

Burned. 15 Jun 2016

The victim's body was found burnt with a rope tied around her neck. Beside her there was a vehicle's wheel wrench and a leather belt.


Age 35

Michoacan (Mexico)

Stabbed. 16 Jun 2016

The victim was violently murdered, her genitals mutilated with a knife and left exposed on her belly.

G. Figueira Lima

Age 21

Manaus, Amazonas (Brazil)

Stabbed. 16 Jun 2016

G. was stabbed in the neck by one of two men on a motorcycle on Rua Cônego José Monteiro Noronha at around 11:50am on Thursday 16th June.

Name Unknown

Age 19-25

Manaus, Amazonas (Brazil)

Beaten. 18 Jun 2016

The victim was killed in the early hours of Saturday 18th June. Witnesses heard her call for help and when they went to the scene they found her body.

Yoselinne Gopar Carvajal

Age 35

Oaxaca (Mexico)

Shot. 20 Jun 2016

Yoselinne's body was found in a state of decomposition inside her house. She had been shot.

Lorran Lorang

Age 19

Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Hanged. 22 Jun 2016

Lorran was found hanged with a pair of leggings in a playground.

Monica Ortiz

Age 53

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Stabbed. 23 Jun 2016

Monica was tied to her bed and stabbed seven times. After that, the attackers set her house on fire.


Age 30

Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

Stabbed. 24 Jun 2016

Luana was found by a friend lying on the street where she worked near a gas station. A witness heard cries for help and saw a man running with a knife in his hand.

Sheila Santos


Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)

Shot. 24 Jun 2016

Sheila was shot several times by unidentified men in a white car.

Danyelly Barby

Age 24

Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo (Brazil)

Shot. 25 Jun 2016

Danielly was shot dead leaving a hotel. Military police officer George Silva, 29, was arrested for her murder after he was identified in CCTV footage entering the hotel with...

Julia Almeida

Age 28

Ituverava, São Paulo (Brazil)

Tortured and burned. 25 Jun 2016

Julia was found with wires around her neck in a partially charred sugarcane field on Saturday 25th June.

Kimberly da Silva ("Bebel")

Age 45

Florence, Tuscany (Italy)

Stabbed. 29 Jun 2016

Kimberly was a Brazilian migrant and sex worker. She was stabbed to death in her residence in Italy by her partner Mirco Alessi, 42. He also killed a Dominican woman living at the...

Daiane Brasil

Age 36

Uberaba, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Shot. 29 Jun 2016

Daiane was shot four times in front of her house by unidentified assailants who fled on a motorcycle.


Age 17

Jowar Buner, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)

Shot. 29 Jun 2016

Saba was killed by her cousins in the name of "family honour". The family has refused to disclose any details.