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Muni was shot in Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan). 4 May 2018
Thalía died by suicide in Móstoles, Comunidad de Madrid (Spain). 4 May 2018
Manju was stabbed in Khajrana, Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India). 7 May 2018
C. Alves was shot in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia (Brazil). 8 May 2018
Karla Patricia Flores-Pavon was strangled in Dallas, Texas (USA). 9 May 2018
Name Unknown died in Dallas, Texas (USA). 12 May 2018
Isabel Borja Suárez was stabbed in Venus del Río Quevedo, Los Rios (Ecuador). 13 May 2018
Nino Fortson was shot in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). 13 May 2018
Roxsana Hernández Rodriguez died in custody in Milan, New Mexico (USA). 13 May 2018
Rosada Durán Romero was shot in Valencia, Carabobo (Venezuela). 14 May 2018
Lucky Salavuki was stoned in Suva, Rewa (Fiji). 17 May 2018
Myrella Mhell was shot in Pirapora, Minas Gerais (Brazil). 19 May 2018
C. Peralta ("Pandora") was shot in Santa Rita, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). 21 May 2018
Gigi Pierce was shot in Portland, Oregon (USA). 21 May 2018
Name Unknown was asphyxiation/smoke inhalation/suffocated in Nuevo León (Mexico). 21 May 2018
Yamileth Quintero was shot in Culiacán, Sinaloa (Mexico). 24 May 2018
Beatriz Ribeiro was stabbed in Bacabal, Maranhão (Brazil). 25 May 2018
Maritza Harrera was stabbed in Igualala, Guerrero (Mexico). 25 May 2018
D. R. C. was beaten in Jundiaí, São Paulo (Brazil). 25 May 2018
Chandraiah was beaten in Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad (India). 26 May 2018
I. Silva was shot in Itaberaí, Goiás (Brazil). 29 May 2018
S. Antolli was stabbed in Tapachula, Chiapas (Mexico). 29 May 2018
Marty Dragonova died by suicide in Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom). 30 May 2018
Nayra Matos was shot in Maracanaú, Ceará (Brazil). 31 May 2018
Patrícia Pereira was shot in Maracanaú, Ceará (Brazil). 31 May 2018

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