Asuani Díaz García

Age 32

Chilapa de Álvarez, Guerrero (Mexico)

Shot. 22 Sep 2018

Asuani was shot by a group of men just outside her home in Chilapa de Álvarez. She died at the scene.


Age 55

Valladolid, Castilla y León (Spain)

Beaten. 22 Sep 2018

Eli was beaten unconscious by a 15 year old on 12th August. She was taken to hospital but lapsed into a coma and died on 22nd September without regaining consciousness.

Name Unknown


United Kingdom

Suicide. 22 Sep 2018

A young trans boy is reported to have taken his own life somewhere in the UK on 22nd September. Unless the family make a statement we may never know anything more.

Dévora Ramos Cordón

Age 25

Chiquimula (Guatemala)

Beaten. 22 Sep 2018

Dévora was beaten to death in Barrio San Pedrito. Her body was then wrapped in a sack and tied to a minibus.

Jayden Lowe

Age 18

Meldreth, Cambridgeshire (United Kingdom)

Suicide. 22 Sep 2018

Jayden died by suicide. He was on a waiting list for an NHS Gender Identity Clinic and was struggling with the delays involved.