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Maria Cecília was stabbed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (Brazil). 31 Oct 2018
Dja Santos was stabbed in Codajás, Amazonas (Brazil). 29 Oct 2018
Lorhany Kalarhary was stabbed in Querência, Mato Grosso (Brazil). 29 Oct 2018
Sheila Brites Bodago died by possible suicide in Amambai, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil). 29 Oct 2018
B. Alves Gonçalves was stabbed in Presidente Médici, Rondônia (Brazil). 25 Oct 2018
Ciano Sacchi died by suicide in São Paulo (Brazil). 25 Oct 2018
I. Hernández was murdered in Soyapango, San Salvador (El Salvador). 25 Oct 2018
Robertinha was drowned in Macaíba, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil). 25 Oct 2018
Karholine Mendonça da Silva was stabbed in Santo André, São Paulo (Brazil). 22 Oct 2018
Robertha Welmont Moraes was shot in Maringá, Paraná (Brazil). 22 Oct 2018
Yuri Vanesa Salazar López was murdered in Buga, Valle de Cauca (Colombia). 22 Oct 2018
Ariana Esquivel died by suicide in La Matanza Partido, Buenos Aires (Argentina). 21 Oct 2018
Name Unknown was shot in Cancun, Quintana Roo (Mexico). 21 Oct 2018
Laysa Fortuna was beaten and stabbed in Aracaju, Sergipe (Brazil). 19 Oct 2018
Carol Machado was shot in Linha Frei Plácido, Xaxim, Santa Catarina (Brazil). 18 Oct 2018
Jessica Gonzaga was stabbed in São Paulo (Brazil). 16 Oct 2018
Name Unknown was shot in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil). 16 Oct 2018
Patricia Aylen Molina was shot in Villa Bonich, Buenos Aires (Argentina). 16 Oct 2018
Marisa Sánchez ("Haitianita") was stoned in Punta Cana, Higüey (Dominican Republic). 15 Oct 2018
Pitielly Edleuza Prado was stabbed in Porto Canoa, Serra, Espírito Santo (Brazil). 13 Oct 2018
Lorrane da Silva was shot in Porto Real do Colégio, Alagoas (Brazil). 12 Oct 2018
Name Unknown died by suicide in Puebla City (Mexico). 11 Oct 2018
Regina Denise Brown ("Gina") was burned in Orangeburg, South Carolina (USA). 10 Oct 2018
Janet was stabbed in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora (Mexico). 9 Oct 2018
Gabriela Ramos Menezes died in Manaus, Amazonas (Brazil). 7 Oct 2018
Itzel Aidana Ávila died by suicide in Fresnillo, Zacatecas (Mexico). 7 Oct 2018
Monse was shot in Toluca, Estado de México (Mexico). 7 Oct 2018
Name Unknown was strangled and suffocated in Rosario, Santa Fe (Argentina). 5 Oct 2018
Ciara Minaj Carter Frazier was stabbed in Chicago, Illinois (USA). 3 Oct 2018
Danielly Ferraz was stabbed in Serra, Espírito Santo (Brazil). 3 Oct 2018
M. García died by cosmetic filler poisoning in Villavicencio, Meta (Colombia). 3 Oct 2018
Juliana Ferreira was stoned in Mandaguaçu, Paraná (Brazil). 2 Oct 2018

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