Crysllaine Guedes da Silva

Age 21

Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará (Brazil)

Stabbed. 1 Apr 2019

Chrysllaine's body was found in a vacant lot on Rua Yone Rodrigues at about 8am on Monday 1st April. She had been stabbed.


Age 35

Kozhikode, Kerala (India)

Murdered. 1 Apr 2019

Shalu was found dead in suspicious circumstances near a bus stop at around 9am on Monday 1st April - the day after International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Dianna Rodrigues

Age 16

Itu, São Paulo (Brazil)

Suicide. 2 Apr 2019

Dianna was found dead by her mother.

Eduarda Albuquerque

Age 22

Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Tortured and beaten. 3 Apr 2019

Eduarda was found in a park, gagged with duct tape and with her hands tied, on the afternoon of 3rd April. Police suspect that she had been tortured and beaten to death.



Itabuna, Bahia (Brazil)

Shot. 3 Apr 2019

Bárbara was shot at least five times by two assailants on a motorcycle in the São Caetano neighborhood.

L. J. da Silva

Age 34

Jacareí, São Paulo (Brazil)

Stabbed. 5 Apr 2019

L.'s body was found with stab wounds on the morning of Friday 5th April in a rural area on the Rio Comprid - Varadouro road.

Sandrielly Vasconcelos

Age 24

Boa Višta, Roraima (Brazil)

Tortured and stabbed. 6 Apr 2019

Sandrielly's body was found on the morning of Saturday 6th April. Her hands and feet were tied and there was a deep cut in her neck, stab wounds on her body and burns on her back.

Name Unknown


Franca, São Paulo (Brazil)

Stabbed. 7 Apr 2019

No information is known.

Brenda Plaza Vallejos

Age 42

Valparaíso (Chile)

Stabbed. 8 Apr 2019

Brenda's body was found at around 10:30pm near Cerro Polanco (Polanco Hill). She had been stabbed in the abdomen.

Kassandra Solórzano Romero

Age 49

Neiva, Huila (Colombia)

Suffocated. 8 Apr 2019

Kassandra was a stylist. Her body was found half-naked and with hands and feet tied in her home in the Emaya Bajo neighborhood of Neiva. She had been suffocated with a pillow.

Marqueza de Araújo

Age 31

Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

Shot. 9 Apr 2019

Marqueza was killed by an armed man who broke into the house and shot her while she was sleeping.

Malaj Islas

Age 28

Boca del Río, Veracruz (Mexico)

Stabbed. 10 Apr 2019

Malaj was stabbed. Days beforehand, they had written a social network post saying "I will lose my life".

Nika Surgutskaya

Age 25

Kursk (Russia)

Strangled and dismembered. 10 Apr 2019

Nika was reportedly strangled by her date after he discovered that she was transgender. He then dismembered her body, cooking parts of it and flushing others down the toilet.

Juliane de Fonseca ("Juju")

Age 38

Sapezal, Mato Grosso (Brazil)

Stabbed. 12 Apr 2019

Juliane died in a bar on Avenida do Pintadoa after being stabbed by a man she had been drinking with. The perpetrator was arrested the following day.

Ainee Khan

Age 35

Karachi, Sindh (Pakistan)

Stabbed. 13 Apr 2019

Ainee was stabbed in the head, face, arms and elsewhere. Her attacker(s) also cut off her hair, presumably as an act of humiliation. She bled to death inside her locked apartment.



João Pessoa, Paraíba (Brazil)

Shot. 13 Apr 2019

Sabrina was shot on the night of Saturday 13th April in the vicinity of Vila Romana in the Industrial District of João Pessoa.

Kenia Hilton

Age 28

Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico)

Murdered. 15 Apr 2019

Kenia's body was thrown from a bridge. An autopsy suggested that she had been tortured and killed beforehand.



Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico)

Murdered. 17 Apr 2019

Tamara was found dead in a hotel in Iztapalapa. She was one of three trans women murdered in the city in less than 30 days.

Name Unknown


Fortaleza, Ceará (Brazil)

Murdered. 18 Apr 2019

The victim's body was found with signs of violence in a bush-lined canal on Avenida J do Conjunto Ceará. Police could not identify the victim.

Becky González Reyna


Minatitlán, Veracruz (Mexico)

Shot. 19 Apr 2019

Becky was one of 14 people shot dead on Good Friday in an attack on a birthday party held at a restaurant. Among the dead was a 1 year old boy named Santiago.

Eric Varão

Age 20

Boa Vista, Roraima (Brazil)

Suicide. 19 Apr 2019

Eric died by suicide in the Silvio Botelho neighborhood of Boa Vista.

E. dos Santos da Rosa

Age 20

Laranjal, Paraná (Brazil)

Stabbed. 19 Apr 2019

E. was stabbed by her partner after an argument at their home on Rua St. Helena. She died at the scene.

Jéssica Gómez Rúa ("Pajarita")


Bucaramanga, Santander (Colombia)

Stabbed. 21 Apr 2019

Jéssica was stabbed in the street early on 21st April. She died in hospital.

Natalia Delgado Rubio


Irapuato, Guanajuato (Mexico)

Decapitated and dismembered. 21 Apr 2019

Natalia's body was mutilated and her remains dumped inside plastic bags.

Name Unknown

Age 18

Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará (Brazil)

Cosmetic filler poisoning. 21 Apr 2019

The victim died in hospital as a result of an infection following an industrial silicone cosmetic filler injection.

Rayssa dos Santos Oliveira

Age 28

Caucaia, Ceará (Brazil)

Shot. 23 Apr 2019

Rayssa was shot in the head by two people on a motorcycle. She died in hospital two days later.

Catalina Casquete Holguín ("Cata")

Age 28

Durán, Guayas (Ecuador)

Run over. 25 Apr 2019

Cata's body was found on the Puente Alterno Norte bridge to the north east of Guayaquil at dawn on 25th April. Her death is considered suspicious.

Name Unknown

Age 30

Salamanaca, Guanajuato (Mexico)

Shot. 27 Apr 2019

The victim was found with hands and feet tied, and with gunshot wounds in the head.

Yaritza Angélica Millones López

Age 27

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Beaten and suffocated. 28 Apr 2019

Yaritza was found in her apartment in the Balvanera neighborbood. She had been dead for several days.

Jasmyne Fontile de Brito

Age 21

Guarapes, Natal, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)

Shot. 30 Apr 2019

Jasmyne was transitioning. Her body was found with gunshot wounds on a dirt road in the Guarapes neighorhood on the morning of Tuesday 30th April.