Luana de Andrade


Balsas, Maranhão (Brazil)

Shot. 11 May 2019

Luana was chased by two men in the São Luís neighborhood of Balsas. She took shelter in a building but they followed her and shot her 4 times.

Alexandra Greenway

Age 23

Bristol (United Kingdom)

Suicide. 11 May 2019

Alexandra died by suicide. She had reportedly been distressed at not being able to access hair removal treatment and her mental health needs were not being met by the NHS.

Name Unknown


Uberlândia, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Murdered. 11 May 2019

The victim's body was found on the afternoon of Saturday 11th May in the Monte Hebron neighborhood. She was half naked and had bruises on her arms, legs and head.