La Diva

Age 30

Guaduas, Cundinamarca (Colombia)

Shot. 10 Oct 2019

"La Diva" was shot in the chest at around 1am on Thursday 10th October.

Lina Marcela Jiménez Granados

Age 26

Bucaramanga, Santander (Colombia)

Stabbed. 19 Oct 2019

Lina was stabbed by a man on a motorcycle who called her over to him in the early hours of 19th October.

Jerrika Rivas Ruíz

Age 28

Los Mártires, Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

Murdered. 16 Nov 2019

Jerrika was reportedly killed during after a fight with another trans woman.

Uber Agudelo Meléndez ("La Popis")

Age 41

Restrepo Valle, Valle de Cauca (Colombia)

Stabbed. 17 Nov 2019

Uber was stabbed by an unidentified assailant - reportedly after bricks had been thrown at her. She died after being taken to hospital.

Catalina Rodríguez ("Cata")

Age 22

Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

Cosmetic filler poisoning. 2 Dec 2019

Cata died at home following a cosmetic filler injection to enlarge her buttocks. She was a webcam model.


Age 19

Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

Stabbed. 20 Dec 2019

Kendall was stabbed during an argument with another sex worker which was reportedly motivated by jealousy. An ambulance never arrived and she died on the way to hospital in a taxi.

Brenda Landázury

Age 24

Los Mártires, Bogotá (Colombia)

Stabbed. 7 Jan 2020

Brenda was stabbed in the street on Tuesday 31st December 2019. She was taken to hospital but fell into a deep coma and died 7 days later.

Hilary Medina ("Cristin")

Age 22

Neiva, Huila (Colombia)

Shot. 18 Jan 2020

Hilary was one of two people shot by two men on a motorcycle on the evening of Saturday 18th January. Her colleague survived but Hilary died in hospital.

Name Unknown

Age 20-25

Robledo, Medellin, Antioquia (Colombia)

Stabbed. 22 Jan 2020

The victim's body was found on a public road near a bridge. She had been stabbed several times.

Name Unknown

Age 22

Medellín, Antioquia (Colombia)

Cosmetic filler poisoning. 8 Apr 2020

An unidentified trans woman was admitted to hospital on 3rd April after injecting silicone into her buttocks and elsewhere. She died 5 days later.

Paloma Salas Jiménez

Age 33

Barranquilla, Atlántico (Colombia)

Stabbed. 16 Apr 2020

Paloma's body was found dumped with trash in a gully. She had at least 20 stab wounds and her throat had been cut.

Alejandra Ortega (Alejandra Monocuco)

Age 39

Santa Fe, Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

COVID-19 and clinical neglect. 29 May 2020

Alejandra died from COVID-19 after paramedics refused to take her to hospital, claiming that she had no symptoms - despite the fact that she was gasping for breath. She died 40...

Ariadna Ojeda


Santa Marta, Magdalena (Colombia)

Stabbed. 13 Jun 2020

Ariadna was found lying on the floor of her room. She had been stabbed in the chest.

Brandy Carolina Brown

Age 30

Barranquilla, Atlántico (Colombia)

Stabbed. 14 Jun 2020

Brandy was stabbed in the neck after an argument over a cellphone charger. She died at the scene.

Eilyn Catalina

Age 21

Medellín, Antioquia (Colombia)

Stabbed. 28 Jun 2020

Eilyn was stabbed. The trans groups Red Popular Tran and Trans Community Network of Bogotá condemned her murder.

Mateo López

Age 25

Circasia, Quindío (Colombia)

Shot. 4 Jul 2020

Mateo was shot several times by an armed assailant who approached him while he was leading a community event in a sports complex.

Hillary Mendoza Pérez

Age 18

Ibagué, Tolima (Colombia)

Cosmetic filler poisoning. 5 Jul 2020

Hillary died in hospital several days after an unofficial medical procedure. Subsequently, a judicial investigation was opened for the crime of wrongful death.

Name Unknown


Medellín, Antioquia (Colombia)

Shot. 6 Jul 2020

The victim was shot in the street at around 6pm on Monday 6th July after being chased by assailants in two cars. Her identity is unknown.

Leidy Padilla Daza

Age 41

Valledupar, Cesar (Colombia)

Stabbed. 11 Jul 2020

Leidy was stabbed outside her salon on the afternoon of Saturday 11th July. She died in hospital.


Age 29

Soledad, Atlántico (Colombia)

Possible suicide. 22 Jul 2020

Gabriela's body was found in her home early on Wednesday 22nd July. Investigators ruled her death suicide, but reportedly she had been threatened by a man who came to her home.

Luisa Ávila Henao

Age 23 (born 15 Aug 1996)

Buga, Valle de Cauca (Colombia)

Murdered. 3 Aug 2020

Luisa's decomposing body was found inside an irrigation pipe on the morning of Monday 3rd August. She had been missing since 26th July.

Patricia Dumon


Santa Marta, Magdalena (Colombia)

Shot. 19 Aug 2020

Patricia's body was found in the street the morning after she had left on a motorcycle with a client. She had been shot in the face.

B. E. Álvarez Hernández

Age 25

Copacabana, Antioquia (Colombia)

Shot. 8 Sep 2020

The body of the victim was found with multiple gunshot wounds lying in undergrowth a few meters from the Medellín-Bogotá highway.

Juliana Giraldo Díaz

Age 38

Miranda, Cauca (Colombia)

Shot. 24 Sep 2020

Juliana died after the car she and her husband were in was shot at by a soldier - according to initial reports at a checkpoint, though later evidence contradicated this.