Felycya Harris

Age 33

Augusta, Georgia (USA)

Shot. 3 Oct 2020

Felycya's body was found in a park next to an elementary school. She was an interior decorator who ran her own company and also taught dance.

Brooklyn DeShauna Smith

Age 20

Shreveport, Louisiana (USA)

Shot. 7 Oct 2020

Brooklyn's body was found in her apartment.

Sara Blackwood

Age 29

Indianapolis (USA)

Shot. 11 Oct 2020

Sara was shot while walking home from work at around 10pm on Sunday 11th October.

Angel Haynes ("Angel Unique")

Age 25

Whitehaven, Memphis, Tennessee (USA)

Shot. 25 Oct 2020

Angel was found with gunshot wound(s) at a motel early on Sunday 25th October. She died at the scene.

Skylar Heath

Age 20

Liberty City, Miami, Florida (USA)

Shot. 4 Nov 2020

Skylar was shot on 4th November, but due to misgendering and deadnaming her murder was not reported until over two weeks later.

Fendi Mon'ezah Armstrong ("Peaches")

Age 39

Lithonia, Georgia (USA)

Shot. 12 Nov 2020

Fendi was found dead from a gunshot wound in a motel room.

Yunieski Carey Herrera ("Yuni")

Age 34

Miami, Florida (USA)

Stabbed. 17 Nov 2020

Yuni was killed by her estranged husband while he was under the influence of methamphetamine. He has been arrested and has confessed to the murder.

Asia Jynaé Foster

Age 22

Houston, Texas (USA)

Shot. 20 Nov 2020

Asia was found in the street with multiple gunshot wounds on Friday 20th November - the Trans Day of Remembrance. Police suspect she had been killed elsewhere and her body dumped.

Kimberly Susan Fial

Age 55

San Jose, California (USA)

Stabbed. 22 Nov 2020

Kimberly was one of five people stabbed in an attack at a shelter where she volunteered. Two women - including Kimberly - died from their injuries.

Chae’Meshia Simms ("ChaeChae")

Age 30

Richmond, Virginia (USA)

Shot. 23 Nov 2020

Chae’Meshia was found by police in a crashed vehicle. She had a gunshot wound and died at the scene. Almost a month later, Ryejon Lee was arrested and charged with robbery and...

Jaheim Bella Pugh

Age 19

Prichard, Alabama (USA)

Shot. 13 Dec 2020

Jaheim was killed while leaving a Christmas party.

Myliah Monae Mullen


Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

Suicide. 20 Dec 2020

Myliah died by suicide. Her friends and family came together in a vigil for her on Christmas Day.

Courtney "Eshay" Key

Age 25

Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Shot. 25 Dec 2020

Courtney was found unresponsive on the side of the street after being shot on Christmas Day. She died at the scene.

Alexandria Winchester

Age 24

The Bronx, New York (USA)

Shot. 26 Dec 2020

Alexandria was shot dead on Boxing Day. Three days later Marquis Tanner, 30, was arrested and charged with murder.

Kimberely Patricia Cope ("Kim")

Age 40

Athens, Georgia (USA)

27 Dec 2020

Kimberely's body was found in the parking lot of a restaurant not far from her home. Her death is considered suspicious.

Bonaire Black ("Bonni")

Age 18 (born 7 Jan 2002)

Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

31 Dec 2020

Bonni was found lying under a blanket on the third floor of a parking garage.

Tyianna "Davarea" Alexander

Age 28

Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Shot. 6 Jan 2021

Tyianna was one of two people shot and killed by a gunman in a vehicle at around 5am on Wednesday 6th January. She died at the scene and Brandon Gowdy, 31, died in hospital.

Samuel Edmund Damián Valentín


Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico (USA)

Shot. 9 Jan 2021

Samuel's body was discovered after a motorist hit an object on the PR-181 highway. When she got out of the car she found his body with multiple gunshot wounds.

Tobias Palmer ("Benji")


Somerville, Massachusetts (USA)

9 Jan 2021

Benji was found unresponsive in his home. He was intersex and trans masc, and as of November 2021 his body has still not been claimed.

Natasha Kieanna

Age 37

Detroit, Michigan (USA)

12 Jan 2021

Natasha's body was found inside her car on Tuesday 12th January. She had last been seen alive leaving a motel on 29th December.

Bianca Bankz ("Muffin")


Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Murdered. 17 Jan 2021

Bianca died in what appears to have been a murder suicide in her apartment.

Dominique Jackson

Age 30

Jackson, Mississippi (USA)

Shot. 25 Jan 2021

Dominique was found suffering from a gunshot wound after her vehicle crashed into a utility pole. She died at the scene.

Sandie Crisp ("Goddess Bunny")

Age 61 (born 13 Jan 1960)

Los Angeles, California (USA)

COVID-19. 27 Jan 2021

Sandie was an actress. According to her son Hunter, she "always lived life as if she was a movie star. Everyone says they don't give a fuck, but she TRULY didn't give a fuck."

Fifty Bandz

Age 21

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA)

Shot. 28 Jan 2021

Fifty was shot by her boyfriend - a man described by witnesses as "very volatile" and who they said "was not open or forthcoming" about dating her.

Alexus Braxton (Kimmy Icon Braxton)

Age 45

Miami, Florida (USA)

Murdered. 4 Feb 2021

Alexus' body was found in an apartment building on the night of Thursday 4th February. Miami police are investigating her death as a homicide.

Alexander Blake VanDalsen

Age 21

Lafayette, Indiana (USA)

Possible suicide. 9 Feb 2021

Alexander was found dead after being missing for a week.

Chyna Carrillo

Age 24 (born 3 Mar 1996)

New Wilmington, Pennsylvania (USA)

Beaten and stabbed. 18 Feb 2021

Chyna died in hospital after being attacked in the back yard of a residential building. Police who were called to the scene shot dead her attacker.

Jasmine Bright ("Jazzy")

Age 22

Ambridge, Pennsylvania (USA)

Shot. 21 Feb 2021

Jasmine and their trans brother JJ were both shot dead by their mother. She then called 911 and waited for the police to arrive.

Jeffrey Bright ("JJ")

Age 16

Ambridge, Pennsylvania (USA)

Shot. 21 Feb 2021

JJ and his nonbinary sibling Jasmine were both shot dead by their mother. She then called 911 and waited for the police to arrive.

Jenna Franks

Age 34

Jacksonville, North Carolina (USA)

Murdered. 24 Feb 2021

Jenna's body was found in a ditch next to a creek. Both the police and media misgendered and deadnamed her.

Kimberly Wirtz ("Tova")


Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

Died in custody. 26 Feb 2021

Kimberly died alone in a prision cell in a male prison. The authorities refused to tell her family how she died.

Diamond Kyree Sanders/Diamond Nicole

Age 23 (born 10 Apr 1997)

Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

Shot. 3 Mar 2021

Diamond was found in a parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound. She died in hospital.

Rayanna Pardo

Age 26 (born 14 Aug 1994)

Los Angeles, California (USA)

Run over. 17 Mar 2021

Rayanna was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver - reportedly while trying to escape people who were harassing her.

Aidelen Evans

Age 24

Port Arthur, Texas (USA)

18 Mar 2021

Although Aidelen's body was found in a canal on Sunday 18th March, police deadnaming and misgendering meant her community did not learn of her death until over a week later.

Piper Autumn Rivers (Tegan Toxik/Tegan Last)

Age 35 (born 12 Feb 1994)

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Suicide. 22 Mar 2021

Piper died by suicide. She was an adult industry performer who went by the stage names Tegan Toxik and Tegan Last.

Krys Brandon Ruiz

Age 26 (born 8 Dec 1994)

Lompoc, California (USA)

Shot. 28 Mar 2021

Krys was shot dead by police in circumstances which are unclear. An attorney has called for an investigation.

Kim Ramirez

Age 20-25

New York (USA)

28 Mar 2021

Kim was found in an unresponsive condition in a bus shelter on Madison Avenue.

Jaida Peterson

Age 24

Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)

Shot. 4 Apr 2021

Jaida was found in a hotel room in an unresponsive state on Easter Sunday. In death the local police and media misgendered her.

Dominique Lucious

Age 26

Springfield, Missouri (USA)

Shot. 8 Apr 2021

Dominique's body was found in an apartment after she had arranged to meet a man via a dating site. Charles Nelson, 28, has been charged with her murder.

Remy Fennell

Age 28

Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)

Shot. 15 Apr 2021

Remy was found shot dead in a hotel room less than two weeks after Jaida Peterson had been killed in another hotel room in the same city.

Tiara Banks

Age 24

Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Shot. 21 Apr 2021

Tiara was shot in her vehicle at about 10:30pm on Wednesday 21st April.

Iris Santos

Age 22

Houston, Texas (USA)

Shot. 23 Apr 2021

Iris was shot while sitting outside a Chick-Fil-A restaurant at around 9:30pm on Friday 23rd April. She died in hospital.

Natalia Smüt Lopez

Age 24

San Jose, California (USA)

Shot. 23 Apr 2021

Natalia was murdered - allegedly by her boyfriend.

Tiffany Thomas

Age 38

Dallas, Texas (USA)

Shot. 24 Apr 2021

Tiffany was shot at a carwash.

Keri Washington ("Bobo")

Age 49

Clearwater, Florida (USA)

Murdered. 1 May 2021

Keri was found dead at the back of an apartment building. Police have issued a warrant for Arthur Benjamin Jr. on a charge of first degree murder.

Jahaira DeAlto Balenciaga

Age 42 (born 4 Mar 1979)

Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Stabbed. 2 May 2021

Jahaira was one of two women (the other being Fatima Yasin) stabbed in the neck by Fatima's husband. Two young children who were present at the time were fortunately unharmed.

T. Hardin

Age 35

York, South Carolina (USA)

Shot. 2 May 2021

T. was found in an unresponsive condition after a police officer called to her home to conduct a well-being check. She had been shot.

Whispering Wind Bear Spirit

Age 41

York, Pennsylvania (USA)

Shot. 3 May 2021

Whispering Wind Bear Spirit was shot during an attempted robbery at their home.

Danny Henson

Age 31

Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

Shot. 4 May 2021

Danny was found in an unresponsive condition by police when they responded to a call. She had been shot - possibly after an altercation with someone she knew.

Sophie Vásquez

Age 36

Brookhaven, Georgia (USA)

Shot. 4 May 2021

Sophie was found unresponsive in her home by police officers while responding to a call that a person had been shot.

Danielle Boachie ("Dani")/Mistress Velvet

Age 33

Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Suicide. 8 May 2021

Dani died by suicide. She was an activist who - under the name Mistress Velvet - was known as a Dominatrix who made her clients read Black Feminist Theory.

Serenity Hollis

Age 24

Albany, Georgia (USA)

Shot. 8 May 2021

Serenity was shot while walking along the street. Like far too many trans murder victims, local police repeatedly deadnamed and misgendered her.

Nona Moselle Conner

Age 32

Washington, D.C. (USA)

13 May 2021

Nona was one of two Washington trans women (the other being Gisele Hartzog) who died within a two week period. Both had struggled with poverty and homelessness.

Giselle Hartzog/Giselle Hilton

Age 30

Washington, D.C. (USA)

18 May 2021

Giselle was one of two Washington trans women (the other being Nona Moselle) who died within a two week period. Both had struggled with poverty and homelessness.

Oliver Taylor ("Ollie")

Age 17

Gervais, Oregon (USA)

Shot. 19 May 2021

Oliver died in hospital a week after being kidnapped and shot by an acquaintance. During the kidnapping Arik Reed, 22, was also shot and died from his injuries.

Cris Blehar

Age 65 (born 1 Aug 1955)

Flaherty, Meade County, Kentucky (USA)

Stabbed and shot. 21 May 2021

Cris was killed in her home. A suspect has been charged and is due to be tried in June 2022.

Haven A Bailey

Age 25 (born 27 Jul 1995)

Villa Park, Illinois (USA)

Suicide. 24 May 2021

Haven was shot dead by police in what appears to have been a "suicide by cop" incident.

Poe Black/Oliver Jackson ("Legion", "Tommi")

Age 21

Slab City, California (USA)

Stabbed. 26 May 2021

Poe was two-spirit. He was reportedly stabbed and his body dumped in a canal after being sexually assaulted.

KC Wilson


Washington, D.C. (USA)

Murdered. 30 May 2021

KC was reportedly murdered in south east Washington. No other details are known.

Dee Dee Thomas

Age 42

New York (USA)

6 Jun 2021

DeeDee's decomposing body was found in a dumpster on Sunday 6th June. She was homeless and her death is considered suspicious.

Tierramarie Lewis

Age 36 (born 25 Feb 1985)

Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Shot. 12 Jun 2021

Tierramarie died in hospital from a gunshot wound on 12th June. Deadnaming prevented the community becoming aware of her murder until early August.

Novaa Ru Watson (EJ Boykin)

Age 23 (born 10 Jun 1998)

Lynchburg, Virginia (USA)

Shot. 14 Jun 2021

Novaa died from his injuries after being found by police in a parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound.

Rubi Dominguez

Age 29

Arlington, Texas (USA)

Run over. 16 Jul 2021

Rubi was killed by a hit and run driver at around 3:30am on Friday 16th July.

Taya Ashton

Age 20

Suitland, Maryland (USA)

Shot. 17 Jul 2021

Taya was shot inside her home. A man she was in a relationship with was subsequently arrested on charges of first and second degree murder.

Jessica Smith

Age 33

Lodi, California (USA)

18 Jul 2021

Jessica was found unresponsive in the parking lot of a laundromat on 18th July. Her death does not seem to have been reported by the media.

Shai Vanderpump

Age 23

Trenton, New Jersey (USA)

Shot. 30 Jul 2021

Shai was shot in the face while trying to defend someone else. Her killer, Daniel L. Smith, was arrested the following day.

CoCo Chanel Wortham

Age 44

Dallas, Texas (USA)

Shot. 7 Aug 2021

Coco was found with gunshot wound(s) after police responded to reports of a shooting in a homeless encampment.

Pooh Johnson ("Titanizer Mua")

Age 25

Shreveport, Louisiana (USA)

Shot. 23 Aug 2021

Pooh was a makeup artist who also went by the name of Titanizer Mua. She was found shot dead in a car parked behind a home in a suburban neighborhood.

Claire Monserrat Jackson

Age 45 (born 12 Dec 1975)

Troy, Ohio (USA)

COVID-19. 27 Aug 2021

Claire died at home as a result of complications from COVID-19.

Zoella Rose Martinez ("Zoey")

Age 20

Seattle, Washington (USA)

Murdered. 1 Sep 2021

Zoey's body was found in an alley on Wednesday 1st September. On 6th September Jacaree Hardy was arrested on suspicion of her murder.

Disaya Monaee Smith

Age 23

Dolton, Illinois (USA)

Shot. 6 Sep 2021

Disaya was found in a hotel room by police responding to reports of a shooting. She was pronounced dead in hospital an hour later.

Brianna Ulmer/Brianna Hamilton

Age 25

Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Shot. 17 Sep 2021

Brianna was shot in the head in the early hours on Friday 17th September and died in hospital. Her death follows that of Disaya Monaee Smith on 6th September.

Geri Judd


Bossier City, Louisiana (USA)

Shot. 28 Sep 2021

Geri was shot in her apartment. Her body was found by police during a welfare check.

Kiér Laprí Kartier

Age 21

Arlington, Texas (USA)

Shot. 30 Sep 2021

Kiér was found in her car suffering from a gunshot wound. She died in hospital.