F. de Assis Braga de Oliveira

Age 42

Ji-Paraná, Rondônia (Brazil)

Beaten. 25 Apr 2021

F. was found beaten to death in the street on the night of Sunday 25th April.

Sharlotte Escobar Ramos

Age 54

Comitán, Chiapas (Mexico)

Stoned. 25 Apr 2021

Sharlotte's body was found in a vacant lot behind her property. She had been stoned to death.

Silvana Gómez Galeano

Age 25

Neiva, Huila (Colombia)

Cosmetic filler complications. 25 Apr 2021

Silvana died in Hospital Hernando Moncaleano Perdomo after undergoing an unofficial cosmetic procedure on her buttocks.

Zashy Zuely del Cid Velásquez

Age 27

San Miguel (El Salvador)

Shot. 25 Apr 2021

Zashy was shot in the back while working and died in hospital. Her birth family refused to allow LGBT+ friends to attend her funeral and buried her "as a man".