Karla Tovar

Age 37

Carirubana, Falcón (Venezuela)

Stabbed. 1 Nov 2021

Karla was stabbed by her partner after she told him that she had decided to leave the country.

Jenny De Leon

Age 25 (born 8 Dec 1995)

Tampa, Florida (USA)

Murdered. 2 Nov 2021

Jenny was found dead on the morning of Tuesday 2nd November and her death is being treated as homicide. She was homeless and was being supported by PFLAG Tampa.

Alicia Díaz


Ensenada, Baja California (Mexico)

Throat cut. 3 Nov 2021

Alicia's body was found inside a home at noon on Wednesday 3rd November. Her throat had been cut.

Marquiisha Lawrence

Age 28

Greenville, South Carolina (USA)

Shot. 4 Nov 2021

Marquiisha was shot in her home, possibly following an altercation with "one or more individuals".

Kauany Circo

Age 32

Catanduva, São Paulo (Brazil)

Stabbed. 6 Nov 2021

Kauany was a circus artist who toured Brazil to perform. She was assaulted and killed by her boyfriend after she tried to stop him using cocaine.

Danyale Johnson

Age 35

Memphis, Tennessee (USA)

Shot. 7 Nov 2021

Danyale was shot and her car stolen.

Joyi Díaz Jiménez

Age 27

Carirubana, Falcón (Venezuela)

Shot. 8 Nov 2021

Joyi's body was found with gunshot wounds on the morning of Monday 8th November.


Age 53 (born 18 Feb 1968)

Sobral, Ceará (Brazil)

Beaten. 8 Nov 2021

Larraya died from her injuries after being attacked in the street while crossing the road. A man was subsequently arrested.

Angel Naira

Age 36

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (USA)

Shot. 11 Nov 2021

Angel was found dead from gunshot injuries in her home after police responded to a 911 call seeking a welfare check for her.

Julya Madsan/Rogério Diego dos Santos

Age 28

Juína, Matto Grosso (Brazil)

Stabbed. 12 Nov 2021

Julya was the stage persona of drag artist Rogério Diego dos Santos. Their body was found on the night of Friday 12th November but they had probably been killed 3-4 days earlier.

Kitty Russo

Age 38

Cativá, Colón (Panama)

Shot. 12 Nov 2021

Kitty was shot by an unidentified individual who argued with her while she was drinking with a friend or acquintance.

Helen Brigette Maldonado Maldonado

Age 28 (born 29 Nov 1992)

Guayaquil, Guayas (Ecuador)

Murdered. 12 Nov 2021

Helen was one of 68 inmates killed during a riot in Penitenciaría del Litoral de Ecuador on the night of Friday 12th November.

Haley Gabriella Feldmann

Age 19 (born 18 Nov 2002)

Beach, North Dakota (USA)

Suicide. 12 Nov 2021

Haley died by suicide. Although her family supported her throughout her transition, the more she learned of the hostility of some others the more she had retreated into herself.

Gabriela Cabrera ("Gabi")

Age 23

San Lorenzo, Central (Paraguay)

13 Nov 2021

Gabi's body was found alongside a stream on Thursday 11th November. Eight months earlier she had been kidnapped, tortured and then thrown into the same stream by a group of men.

Alejandra Valeria López


Arauca, Caldas (Colombia)

Shot. 20 Nov 2021

Alejandra was shot dead near a hotel in the early hours of Saturday 20th November - the Trans Day of Remembrance.

Cesi de Rosas ("Mamá Osa")

Age 36

Uxpanapa, Veracruz (Mexico)

Shot. 21 Nov 2021

Cesi and a cisgender man who was with her were both shot dead inside Cesi's home by armed assilants. A woman named Raquel was also injured in the attack.

Name Unknown

Age 27

Pune, Maharashtra (India)

Stoned. 23 Nov 2021

The body of the unidentified victim was found in an isolated spot at about 8am on Tuesday 23rd November.


Age 22

İzmir (Turkey)

Stabbed. 26 Nov 2021

After being stabbed during an argument with an unidentified person, Berrak asked for help from people inside a restaurant before collapsing. She died in hospital.

Name Unknown


Mingora, Swat (Pakistan)

Suicide. 26 Nov 2021

The victim's death was reported only as "Alleged suicide of a transgender in Mingora, Swat". We don't know her name.

Tallyta Soares

Age 23

Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

Stabbed. 28 Nov 2021

Tallyta was stabbed in the chest by a client after he demanded a refund. She died at the scene.


Age 28

Segovia, Antioquia (Colombia)

Murdered. 28 Nov 2021

Estrella was shot in her home after an argument.