Julya Madsan/Rogério Diego dos Santos

Age 28

Juína, Matto Grosso (Brazil)

Stabbed. 12 Nov 2021

Julya was the stage persona of drag artist Rogério Diego dos Santos. Their body was found on the night of Friday 12th November but they had probably been killed 3-4 days earlier.

Kitty Russo

Age 38

Cativá, Colón (Panama)

Shot. 12 Nov 2021

Kitty was shot by an unidentified individual who argued with her while she was drinking with a friend or acquintance.

Helen Brigette Maldonado Maldonado

Age 28 (born 29 Nov 1992)

Guayaquil, Guayas (Ecuador)

Murdered. 12 Nov 2021

Helen was one of 68 inmates killed during a riot in Penitenciaría del Litoral de Ecuador on the night of Friday 12th November.

Haley Gabriella Feldmann

Age 19 (born 18 Nov 2002)

Beach, North Dakota (USA)

Suicide. 12 Nov 2021

Haley died by suicide. Although her family supported her throughout her transition, the more she learned of the hostility of some others the more she had retreated into herself.