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Amancio "Delilah" Corrales

Age 23

6 May 2005
Yuma, Arizona (USA)
Beaten and stabbed

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Amancio "Delilah" Corrales
Amancio "Delilah" Corrales [photo:]

Amancio died from what was described by authorities as "violent trauma". He was beaten around the head and stabbed in the heart.

Corrales performed as a female impersonator under the name Delilah, apparently died from what is being described by authorities as “violent trauma.” According to the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO), Corrales was dressed as a female while visiting one or more local bars on the night of May 5 and that it was a “significant possibility” that he left with people who thought he was a woman.

According to a website called, talk amongst the gay community there indicates the possibilty that Corrales was killed by U.S. Marines.

Eyewitness reports place Corrales at a bar called Ron’s Place in Yuma. While dressed as a woman, it is reported that he was seen flirting with a U.S. Marine identified only as “David.” Patrons at the bar also said the man in question was furious when he found out Corrales was a male. Corrales was later seen leaving the bar in a silver Honda with the suspect and two other men who also appeared to be U.S. Marines. An unsubstantiated report indicates the three men took Corrales to a location near Paradise Cove.

It was there — the following morning — that he was found dead, submerged in the Colorado River.

Corrales’ family confirmed that he was stabbed in the heart and suffered severe trauma to the head.

“This act of violence must be properly investigated,” said Michael H. Baughman, a spokesperson for the Amancio Project, a coalition of local and statewide organizations and concerned citizens. “As a community, we must have respect for human life and treat all people with dignity.”

On 21st August 2008, Ruben Solorio-Valenzuela took a plea bargain for the murder and was sentenced to eight years and nine months for Attempted Manslaughter with Aggravated Circumstances and ordered to pay restitution to the court and to the family.

In 2009 a documentary titled "Amancio: Two Faces on a Tombstone" was released.

Amancio: Two Faces on a Tombstone, is the story of one man's journey to seek justice for the murder of a young gay man. The body of female impersonator, Amancio Corrales, 24, was found in the Colorado River, brutally beaten, slashed and stabbed by an unknown assailant. The film shares the loss for Amancio's family, whose love for their son extended to including on his tombstone the two faces of Amancio: one as Amancio and one as Delilah, his stage persona.

The film documents the outrage of local gay activist, Michael Baughman who pulled the community together to keep law officials on the case. After two years, Baughman's efforts paid off when an anonymous informant led the sheriffs department to the killer.

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