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Timothy Blair Jr.

Age 22

22 May 2005
Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

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Timothy Blair Jr.
Timothy Blair Jr. [photo:]

Timmy was found by police with multiple gunshot wounds at the corner of 28th and Magazine streets. He died at the scene.

At the time he was dressed in drag.

The murder of a black man dressed in drag prompted friends and family to believe, at least initially, that a hate crime might have been committed. But Timothy’s murder has since garnered few headlines and little interest from the community.

Timothy’s mother, Rosalind Blair, long active in her community, has conducted a one-woman crusade to make sure her son’s murder is not forgotten. It has led to an ongoing battle with Metro Police detectives who she says have failed to keep her informed about the stagnant investigation. She says the department put the case on the backburner because her son was a gay black man, and dressed as a woman, when he was killed.

Initially convinced her son was the victim of a hate crime, Rosalind changed her story more than a year after the murder. She dropped a veritable bombshell on detectives, muddying the unsolved case even more: Kesha Pendleton, her own daughter, was involved in Timothy’s murder, she believes. It was further suspected Timothy met his killer in an Internet chat room.

As far as we know, the case is still open.

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