TDoR 2007 / 2007 / January / 11 / Hasan Sabeh ("Tamara")

Hasan Sabeh ("Tamara")

Age 34

11 Jan 2007
Baghdad (Iraq)

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Hasan Sabeh ("Tamara")
Hasan Sabeh ("Tamara") [photo:]

Hasan Sabeh was a happy, talented 34 year old Gay Transvestite fashion designer, also affectionately known as Tamara and who lived in the al-Mansor district of Baghdad.

Two months earlier, he was tending his fashion accessories stall in a street market when an Islamist death squad wearing Iraqi police uniforms seized him. They stripped off his clothes in the street and shot him dead.

Hasan's brother-in-law was nearby and rushed to cradle his body. He, too, was shot dead at point blank range. The killers then took Hasan's body and hanged and mutilated it as a warning to other gay and transgender Iraqis.

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