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Pamela Macedo Panduro

Age 29

1 Jan 2017
Le Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Died in custody

Pamela Macedo Panduro
Pamela Macedo Panduro

Pamela died in custody in Le Plata (Argentina) on 1st January 2017. Her death was the first of four (the others being Angie Velázquez Ramírez, Brandy Bardales Sangama and Damaris Becerra Jurado) during 2017 in the same area in similar suspicious circumstances.

All were Peruvian migrants and Otrans activists. Otrans reports that in the city the police routinely make arbitrary arrests of trans women. The detainees are routinely held without charge for long periods in degrading conditions without access to healthcare.

Pamela was Peruvian and worked in La Plata with the Otrans activist organisation. In 2014 she had been chosen as Miss Latin America Trans. On 9th November 2016 her home was raided and she was detained in a police station in Ensenada and referred a month later to Unit 32 of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service of Florencio Varela, where she was held until 23rd December 2016 when she was admitted to hospital. She died 8 days later.

“The conditions of detention end up damaging the lives of the compañeras. It is a vulnerable collective; More than 50% have chronic diseases, “said Vázquez Haro, and explained that” The standards of the Supreme Court, the province and La Plata are profoundly harsh: they do not apply the Arriola and Zambrano Judgments.”

“The first of these rulings declared unconstitutional the punishment for possession of marijuana for personal use. The second, meanwhile, showed the abusive practices of the platense police to persecute, strip and mistreat trans women while prohibiting them from being inspected on public roads and at the police station.”

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