TDoR 2021 / 2020 / October / 31 / Vicente González Lora

Vicente González Lora

Age 25

31 Oct 2020
Valdivia, Los Rios (Chile)
Raped and suffocated

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Vicente González Lora
Vicente González Lora [photo:]

Vicente's half naked body was found in a vacant lot. A suspect was arrested less than 24 hours later.

Vicente González Lorca, a 25-year-old young trans man, was found murdered on Saturday October 31 in a vacant lot on avenida Patricio Lynch, in Valdivia in the Los Ríos Region of southern Chile. Vicente had started his transition a couple of years ago and had been living in that city for a few months. He was from San Sebastián, a spa belonging to the Cartagena commune, in the Valparaíso Region.

The security cameras installed near the place were key to finding a suspect in less than 24 hours. On Sunday, the PDI Homicide Brigade detained Víctor Hugo Abarca Díaz, 58. So far he is the only detainee.

Vicente worked in the construction sector. He leaves behind a six-year-old daughter and a family who called for his murder to be investigated as a hate crime.

In November 2022 Víctor Hugo Abarca, 60, was convicted of Vicente's murder. His motive was transphobic hatred. Abarca has previous convictions for homicide, rape and robbery. On Monday 5th December 2022 Abarca was sentenced to qualified life imprisonment.

The Oral Criminal Court of Valdivia sentenced a 60-year-old man as the perpetrator of the brutal homicide of a young transgender man, an event that occurred in Valdivia, at dawn on October 31, 2020.

The young man attacked was identified as Vicente González Lorca, 25, a native of the Valparaíso Region, who had lived in the city of Valdivia for a few months.

The defendant, identified as Víctor Hugo Abarca, was with the victim in a vacant lot, located on Avenida Simpson in the city of Valdivia, shortly before 5:00 in the morning. It was at that moment that he attacked him, immobilizing him and strangling him with both hands until death.

The court pointed out that the attacker had an ignominious and transphobic motivation, since he sought to "affect the honor of a person who perceived himself and recognized himself as a man" and that his violence "was also carried out for reasons of gender."

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