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Fabiola Pamela Ramírez

Age 22

3 Mar 2021
Resistencia, Chaco (Argentina)

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Fabiola Pamela Ramírez
Fabiola Pamela Ramírez [photo:]

Fabiola's body was found at home on the afternoon of Friday 5th March, and according to investigators, she died at least 48 hours earlier. Her partner has been arrested.

Fabiola Ramírez was a 22-year-old trans girl who lived [on calle Allem] in the Rawson neighborhood, in the southern part of Resistencia. Her body was found on Friday afternoon after neighbors smelled a strong nauseating smell coming from the young woman's house.

Due to the state of decomposition of the corpse, forensic experts are still working to determine how Fabiola died and whether or not she was murdered. The prosecutor in charge of the case, Roberto Villalba, ordered the arrest of the victim's partner. However, the case continues to be labeled "suspicious death."

“The date of death was obviously not recent. At least, it was 48 hours earlier”, explained this Saturday the Attorney General, Jorge Canteros. In statements to CIUDAD TV, Canteros indicated that in the place where the young woman was found there were traces of blood "but she has no bruises or [contusions]."

"So far the prosecutor has no information to assert that it is a homicide," said Canteros. "Anyway, work continues on the autopsy," he clarified. In any case, the young woman's family believes that Fabiola was the victim of a homicide. "They killed her," said a sister of the victim, according to the newspaper Norte.

At least one report states that her throat was cut.

Today, in the City of Resistance of the Province of Chaco, unfortunately we were again united by the pain and the request for justice for the transvesticide of Fabiola Pamela Ramírez. Our solidarity with the family and friends in the face of this irreparable loss.

We come together to remember Fabi, to demand justice for this heinous hate crime. We will remember Fabiola dancing, in the streets and with the freedom and with the future she dreamed of!

It was transfemicide!

It was transvesticide!

It was trans hatred!

The state is responsible!

Roberto and Hernán Rodríguez, 21 and 19, were subsequently arrested and charged with aggravated homicide due to hatred of gender identity.

Investigators detained two people today and carried out a raid on a Resistencia home in the middle of an investigation into the death of Fabiola Pamela Ramírez.

On 600 calle Falucho, investigators are looking for Fabiola's cell phones and any other evidence relating to the case.

"There are two detainees who could have participated in the incident, it is still under investigation," the prosecutor in charge, Roberto Villalba, informed Diario Chaco.

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