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Lala Contreras

Age 20 (born 2 Sep 1998)

3 Mar 2021
Somotillo, Chinandega (Nicaragua)
Tortured and stoned

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Lala Contreras
Lala Contreras [photo:]

Lala was tied up and dragged by a horse before being beaten to death with stones. The two men who killed her were arrested.

Bernardo Arístides Pastrana Ochoa, alias Piche, and Jorge Luis Mondragón Acosta, alias Tres Patas, were caught and presented by the Police as the perpetrators of the murder of [deadname] Contreras, 22, a crime that occurred early this Wednesday in the municipality of Somotillo , department of Chinandega, exactly 500 meters south from the new market.

According to information from the authorities, the accused were drinking with the victim, argued while intoxicated, tied up the young [woman] and stoned her to the head, causing her death from severe head trauma.

Unofficially, it is also known that the victim was also dragged by a horse. This was not confirmed by the Police, but in the photographs of the presentation of the subjects among the evidences a horse mount is observed.

[Deadname]'s body had multiple blows to his face. She was found without her eyes and with several abrasions on her body.

The men fled the scene after committing the act, but were captured several hours later. According to the Police, the motive for he crim was an argument. Both suspects have criminal records; Bernardo Arístides for robbery with intimidation, robbery with violence, cattle rustling and aggression against people; while Jorge Luis has a history of robbery with intimidation, cattle rustling, attempted murder and injuries.

In evidence, the police presented the stones with which the young [woman]'s life was taken; These had blood stains, which matched the victim's blood type.

Nicaragua: Hate crime against a transgender young woman

In the last few hours, a new hate crime has been known about a 18-year-old Nicaraguan girl. On Tuesday, two alcoholic men killed Lala, a trans woman who had just begun with her transition. FemiTransLac report that in Nicaragua they do not respect the rights of the community and the facts are becoming more violent.

Lala died from head trauma due to the blows against her head. Her body, found on Wednesday, the attackers are already in custody.

According to the sexual diversity organizations in Nicaragua, an uptick of assaults on the LGTBI population has been manifested in the last minute. As far as the year goes, they already have 9 cis women killed, which is why they call on the state to create the conditions to stop these hate crimes.

What hurts us the most is that it's a young girl who was just starting her transition. She was 18 years old and we ask for Justice, that the full weight of the law be dropped. May the State of Nicaragua pledge to respect the rights of the LGTBI community and pass a gender identity bill. Since the lack of laws we suffer multiple violence.

In May 2021 Bernardo Arístides Pastrana Ochoa and Jorge Luis Mondragón Acosta were sentenced to life imprisonment for her murder.

Source: Observatório Trans

Report added: 14 Mar 2021. Last updated: 1 Nov 2022

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