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Samir Seif Bouabadali

Age 27 (born 6 Aug 1993)

2 Jun 2021
Stockholm (Sweden)

Samir Seif Bouabadali
Samir Seif Bouabadali [photo:]

Samir died by suicide. He was a trans man who had come to Sweden as a refugee in 2018 after being rejected by his family in Morocco.

Samir Seif is no more. For many, his is an unknown name. For me and others, he's a friend, a transgender man who ended his life in exile, yet another dead trans, yet another crushed refugee, an abused former child, a survivor who got tired of living too messed up to get away, a fighter who did everything to self-determine: he died and was buried in the Muslim cemetery in Stockholm with his name engraved on the grave: Samir Seif.

He will stay in our hearts and memories forever.

Tomorrow Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Morocco time (7pm Swedish time) a virtual gathering will take place live on Aïda Kheireddines page in memory of Samir. All people who want to gather their thoughts or speak are welcome. Those who want to express themselves anonymously can contact me via Whatsapp at the number [redacted]"

Samir, I didn’t know you well as I would have wanted to, but your death is hurting and you didn't even get to your 28th birthday. I wish Sweden had treated you better and that you could have found the life you wanted here. Exil is hard to live.

I am tired of seeing so many young trans people die. The oppression is killing us. Just stop killing us. My heart and love goes to you, the trans and queer community and to all your loved ones.

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