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Name Unknown

Age 12

6 Feb 2022
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (United Kingdom)

Name Unknown

The victim died by suicide after being bullied continuously. The school misgendered and deadnamed him, and told students not to use social media to express grief or pay tribute.

A 12-year-old child who friends claim was bullied because he was transgender has tragically died after reportedly taking his own life. His death has left friends shocked and they have demanded better treatment for all young people in the LGBTQ+ community as well as action to prevent bullying.

The boy was a student at Radcliffe School and the headteacher sent a message on Sunday to parents informing them of the tragedy. But friends have been angered by the statement, which referred to the pupil using the female name he had shunned. They also said he had been bullied relentlessly by peers and called for more action to be taken to protect children from bullying. The Citizen has chosen not to name the student.

In a letter to the Citizen the students said: "X was a student at the Radcliffe school in year 8, he was transgender, using the he/him pronoun. X had been bullied relentlessly by his peers, which played a factor in his death, however, the school has not recognised this as the result of bullying on their premises, and have outwardly tried to silence any and all claims of this."

The letter also claims: "Students have been told by the school that we are specifically not allowed to use social media to express grief or tribute to X, and due to this, many people have been silenced, especially when correcting the staff on X's proper identity. "

Students claim they have been told that they are not allowed to use social media to express grief or pay tribute to the pupil. They also claimed that heads of houses had read out a scripted message on Monday, February 7, which used the student's former name and used she/her pronouns.

The Citizen contacted the Radcliffe School today to talk about the students' claims. A spokesman told us: "We will not be commenting on this matter."

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